Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go Habs!

The best way I can think of to describe last night's game is a dog's dinner.  That's a common British expression to describe a mess, a bit of this and a bit of that all mixed in together.  Some of the Habs' goals were downright ugly, with the exception of Maxime Lapierre.  I guess having his Siamese twin Gui surgically removed seems to have set Max free to pick up where he left off last season. 

You have to give the Habs full marks for effort and heart, and especially to Pricey, Hammer, Cammy and Pleks.  These four guys are the glue that's holding this group together, if any of them go down we're just plain screwed. 

I'm upset that we don't have a decent roster to face the Pens tonight.  It's no secret that I like the Pens, the main reason is they like to play hockey, there's no stupidity and goonery involved, it's fun to watch.  I feel the same way about the Sens, these two teams are my favorite opponents to watch just for the sheer enjoyment of it.  When all three teams are at the top of their game it's like watching poetry in motion.Tonight, however will be the Habs hanging on for dear life, the best possible outcome being a tie.

So Sid and Geno, be gentle with us and please have some mercy on our poor battered souls.


soperman said...

It was a tough loss against a top tier team. Difficult to play with so many injuries .....

I will walk across the street at lunch to the NS Sports Hall of Fame (yes, there is one) and probably not even look at Sidney's famous dryer that he used for shooting practice. There is a trophy case next to it which contains some childhood souviners. They are all Habs stuff (his father was a goalie drafted in the very late rounds by Montréal) but there is a Habs baby bottle. I will look at it and ponder where such a talented young man went so wrong in life.

Just kidding - you can be shunned for life in Halifax for saying such things.

Moey said...


I love Sid the kid, I wish he played for the Habs. We gave it the good old college try last night, at least we weren't humiliated by them. Some good news today, Markov is scheduled to return early January, a month ahead of schedule, thank goodness.

Dennis said...

Montreal could have won this game with a couple a breaks (like O'Byrne's near-miss). I'm pretty proud of the team. I think they're going to be fine if they can ever get healthy. Maybe they should try yoga. Or steel boots with blades.