Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moey's morning after musings.....

Well that was a waste of a cute cat.  Time for a new mascot, to pay tribute to the "small three" (because they're the only line that's working) I think this little guy is appropriate.

African pygmy hedgehog

As far as last night's game went, the biggest problem we have is no second scoring  line.  As it stands right now, there is no room for error, either by the D or the goalies.  If Sergei continues to behave himself in Hamilton maybe they can reunite him with his brother and Pleks.  If that line can start racking up some points it takes the pressure off of the first line, the D and our goalies.  Even if they let in a couple of softies, if we're scoring enough goals we can still come away with a win.  That has to be Martin's priority right now.  The return of Markov isn't going to save the season and if we stay on the same pace we'll be too far out of a playoff spot for anyone to make a difference.

To put a positive spin on our current state of affairs, take a look at these point totals, at least we're in good company.

Montreal - 16
Boston - 16
Ottawa - 16
Carolina - 7 (eek) I wonder if Carbo will get the coaching call sooner than later?

The "lowly" Islanders have 17 points.

Take a look at the West and you are now entering the Twilight Zone.

Detroit - 17
Chicago - 18
Anaheim - 14

Contrast that to these "bottom feeders"

LA - 22
Colorado - 26
Phoenix - 20

How reflective is it?  I remember a couple of seasons ago the Senators came flying out of the gate with fifteen straight wins only to end up being beaten four straight in round one of the playoffs by Pittsburgh.

It's still way too early to make predictions based on what we've seen so far and it will be interesting to take a look at these same teams at the end of January.


Number31 said...

I almost got a hedgehog! Unfortunately they were all gone.

Lowly Islanders are feeding of the loser points they keep getting...

Yup, the hate on for Price in these losses is rediculous. People don't understand why he got the Molson Cup either. It's a no-brainer. The margin for error is so very thin that even Martin Brodeur would have killed himself by now. (And he's letting in softies left and right).

And then I look at Osgood and I say "this guy won a Stanley Cup how?" And then I saw the rest of Wings and how they're not hiding his problems these days.

Carolina is in even more trouble now that Nash cut Ward on the leg. Guuuh!

And Jaro's troll of an agent isn't helping!!! What a jerk!

Saw Sergei on Friday. He needs a Pleky and Big Brother Andrei! There's no one left for him to play with on the farm... And while I think Weber is better than MAB, right now Subban is better than Weber (who's in a strange fog these days).

But a compensation for all our troubles this season could be one Tyler Seguin, said to be this year's Matt Duchene! Throw in a "I hope the Habs draft Stich from the Juniors" too. Hey, those crap teams gotta share those lovely high prospects once in a while. I mean how many first overalls do the Islanders need?!

Moey said...

I would have a hedgehog if it wasn't for my cats.....

I almost forgot about that cut to Ward, he left a trail of blood on the ice. Not good. The problem with Montreal "fans" is they would never settle for finishing at the bottom of the pile and getting a high draft pick. Same problem with the leafs. O'Byrne and a second scoring line would help a lot right now. Price wasn't bad last night but he needs to work on his rebounds.

Anonymous said...

You are probably too young to remember the old Monty Python bit where gangster Dinsdale Pirhanna was afraid of a giant 30 foot 'edge'og named "Spiny Norman".

That is the good luck mascot for the Habs.


Moey said...


I'm a big Monty Python fan but I don't remember Spiny Norman. I googled him and found a pic. I'll use it for the good luck post tomorrow night for our Habs. Great idea, you may be on to's hoping!!