Monday, November 9, 2009

Of Hedgehogs and Hamsters..........Go Habs!

Introducing Spiny Norman, the mother of all hedgehogs and the Habs new mascot.

My blogging buddy Number31 has recently acquired a new pet hamster that she named Pleky (the little hammy reminds her of Pleks) she's posted pics on her blog (The Notwithstanding Clause) check it out, he's a real cutie.  It's a funny coincidence that she had a hamster on her mind while mine was on hedgehogs.

I pretty much had exhausted my bank of cute "good luck" kitties so it was time for a new mascot.  I had decided on the African pygmy hedgehog to pay homage to our small but very effective first line.  A big shout out to my friend Soperman for his idea today, he related a story about a character from the brilliant Monty Python crew;  he was a gangster named  Dinsdale Pirhanna and he was afraid of a giant 30 foot 'edge'og named "Spiny Norman". 

Three of us with the same mindset, it's a sign and I think Spiny Norman is more than capable of striking fear in the opposition, don't you?


Anonymous said...

I am sure the flamers are trembling in their "hockey boots".

Great stuff.


Moey said...


Desperate times mate.....hopefully Spiny will get the job done tonight!