Sunday, November 22, 2009

Overtime streak runs out......for now.

(Photo courtesy of the Gazette)

Not a bad week for the Habs, they picked up 5 out of a possible 6 points.  The Pleks line was good last night, that may be a keeper, AK 46 is improving with every game.  What's up with big Georges?  He loses a fight in Washington, takes 6 minutes of penalties last night, which could have cost us the game.  Note to George, you're supposed to hit with your body, not your stick or your knee.  I guess Martin doesn't have much choice but to play him, we don't have many players left.  Heroic penalty killing last night, too bad one managed to slip by Price.

 So Gomez is the next casualty of a never ending list, out with a groin injury, the clinic is getting full.  If we lose Pleks or Cammy we're in deep doggie do do.  I was wondering where this team would be if Carbo was still coaching, it doesn't bear thinking about, we'd be sharing gutter space with the Leafs.  Martin isn't flamboyant or exciting but he's steady and managing to get wins in spite of all the injuries and constant line shuffling.

I was annoyed at Bruce Boudreau in the pre game interview last night.  He had called out Ovie after the Habs win Friday, told him he wasn't playing up to his potential.  I thought it took away from our D who managed to shut him down, but I guess Boudreau knows his stuff, the Leafs beat them in a shootout last night.  Maybe Ovie came back to soon from his injury, we'll know soon enough, he gets another shot at us next Saturday.

The Habs look more and more like a team, not a great one, but one that has enough spirit and grit to hang on until Markov returns.  We can't ask for any more than that, and when we finally get to ice a full healthy roster these guys have the character and no quit attitude that will bode well for them in the playoffs.


Dennis said...

Hi Moey. I think they're playing with more confidence now. Price is, and many of them are. If they can just hang around the eighth spot for awhile, then I think things will be good. I like Martin too. I didn't think I was going to.

Moey said...


I like what I'm seeing and the best part is they're doing the best they can with what they have, which isn't a lot at the moment. Martin is damn good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moey.

BGL is going to a hearing this morning. Not that I think he is an asset to the team but when is the last time a player has been suspended for a dirty hit on a Hab?

I am thinking - never - but I certainly could be wrong.

The other things that are bothering me (Apparently I have a persecution complex this morning) is shouldn't the league be calling Ron Wilson about his poor reffing comments?

Finally JR talked about biased reffing on TSN's OTR and it was not included in the web summary by the Toronto Sports Network.

Sorry, I will take my paranoia pill.

Yes, I am very happy with the Habs play last week. Quality character games. Chris wrote a nice peice on HIO's "The Other Wing".


Moey said...


I can't think of a player being suspended for a dirty hit against the Habs either. I don't think Laraque had intent to injure, he's not a dirty player, I think it's clumsiness more than anything. C'est la vie, we won't miss him and his six minute penalties. As for Wilson, Toronto is the center of the hockey universe, n'est pas? Not.

I'm starting to enjoy the Habs again, I was in limbo for a while.

I still miss my Saku, but I think he's brought the centennial curse to Anaheim, better them than us.