Friday, November 6, 2009

Price flips Beantown the bird......

Carey Price was brilliant last night, he 's a smart boy, he must have read my previous post and took it to heart.  This is the kind of performance that we need from both goaltenders on a consistent basis, the depleted defense corps can only do so much and they run out of gas by the third period.  Price was an arrogant little prick during the shootout and I loved it.  A poster named "Geno" on the FHF site said it best, "Price was Royesque with his swagger."  I just hope this wasn't a one off because he did have an axe to grind with the Bruins after being swept four straight in the playoffs.  There's no doubt about who the starting goaltender will be tomorrow night against Tampa.  If Price can bring that focus and determination on a regular basis, we could do some damage in the East. 

I wonder if Jacques Martin has a taser behind the bench, something jump started AK46, I haven't seen him expend  that much energy since 2008.  Taser away Jacques, you may be on to something.

Poor Bergeron, he's in way over his head, he's hard to watch.  I'll bet all the Breezer bashers are now having second thoughts.  Breezer had a very good outlet pass and his shot from the point wasn't too shabby either.  I wonder why they didn't ask him back instead of signing Bergeron.

McGuire must think our eyes are painted on, all he does is point out the obvious and embarrass himself with his man crushes.  Price and Carle were the (un)lucky objects of his affection last night. I was listening to him on the Team 990 the other day, this was his well-informed savvy insider advice on handling AK46.  Jacques Martin has to show Andre the love. He has to put his arm around him and tell him he loves him and he's there to help him.  Show him the love?  They've already shown him the money, it's time for Andre to start earning his paycheck.  Pierre, take my advice, don't quit your day job and stick to your endless drivel, there's a reason you couldn't make it as a head coach or GM in the NHL.


Number31 said...

Royesque? Hmm maybe. I half expected him to wink at Recchi. Coincidentally he got his 50th win with the same number of games as Roy. Now that's just freaky... Which also leads me to believe people gotta lay off the kid, as if Roy were playing in today's hockey he'd most likely be facing the same exact ups and downs. (Especially with this edition of the Cardiac Canadiens!)

Moey said...


I agree totally that so called "fans" need to back off or he'll end up being another teams' superstar. The unfortunate thing right now is both he and Halak have to stand on their heads to win games. We still have three months of heart attack hockey until Marky returns.