Saturday, November 21, 2009

WTF???? Habs beat Ovie 3-2......

I must admit I'm feeling a little guilty this morning.  I didn't give the Habs a snowball's chance in hell of beating the Caps last night, fortunately neither did the Caps.  Price was solid again but this time he had lots of help from his D men.  O'Byrne played a good game and props to Spacek and Hammer for playing above and way beyond the call of duty to keep Ovie at bay.  I'm starting to wonder if the injury to Markov was the best thing that could have  happened to this team.   Stepping it up and weathering the storm is building character, everyone has to contribute in order for this team to be successful on any given night, there are no free rides. 

At one point I mentioned to Mr. Moey that the wheels usually start falling off in the third, we hung on until the last three minutes, we're getting better.  Very impressive, winning on the road to a team that rarely loses at home.  One of the best parts about last night is a very pissed off  and frustrated Ovie is playing against the Leafs tonight. 

Can they bring the same effort tonight against the Wings?  Predictions are for gypsies.

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