Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Go Habs!

Okay Spiny, it's time to earn some of your paycheck, the Leafs are our arch enemies, they don't deserve any respect. Beat the living daylights out of them, take no prisoners, show no mercy.


Number31 said...


Moey said...

I'll second that. The Habs came out waving white flags. Grrrr.

soperman said...

I nearly OD'd on my wife's Zoloft this morning. Anti-depressant my bum!

I hope JM is taking the boys on a gold old fashioned bag-skate this morning. They deserve it down to the man.

Moey said...


I'm still spitting mad, the worse part is it was against the Leafs. I get tortured by Leaf fans at work, the Habs didn't even try last night. Not even the Als yelling Go Habs Go could inspire them. Absolutely pathetic and there are no excuses.