Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Problem child?

The general consensus when Gainey traded Latendresse for Pouliot was one problem child for another.  It's a  bit of a mystery why Pouliot who was drafted fourth overall in 2005 has not been able to find success at the NHL level. 

Talent Analysis (taken from Hockey's Future)

Pouliot is a very talented player who has yet to put it all together at the pro level. An explosive skater with a good handle on the puck and a hard, accurate shot, he has the tools to be a top-line forward in the NHL. Questions about his attitude, commitment to playing defense and consistency have dogged him since turning pro however. If he can master the mental side of the game and learn a more disciplined approach to the game, he could be a top talent. If not, he could find himself playing in Europe.

His father passed away from leukemia in 2004, he was Benoit's biggest supporter and former coach.   I was wondering if that may have had a negative impact on him and the reason why his heart no longer seemed to be in it, but then I read this:
"My father always said I had something in my game I never used," Benoit says. "He said I'd have to put heart in it. He said everything would come all at once when I did that."
Obviously, it's been an issue from day one, but can he find it playing on the Montreal Canadiens?  I liked what I saw last night, he seemed comfortable with his line mates and  he doesn't lack in the skill department.

Benoit's NHL future rests solely in his hands and I'm hoping with teammates like Brian Gionta and Glen Metropolit, who both put Heart in the CH every time they step on the ice, our "tin woodsman" will find his.


soperman said...

Hey Moey

I think that Pouliot played very well against Ottawa. I know it is only one game, but there is a big upside with this guy. On top of all that, LaTENDERNESS obviously was not happy in Montréal - for whatever reason.


Moey said...

I sure hope he finds his niche here or it's a big waste of talent. The tender's time was up, and his buddy Max might be next if he doesn't sort out his game.