Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bits and bites.....

An interesting week in Habsland, we say goodbye to our "enforcer" big Georges Laraque.  According to Bob, he was a distraction and non-productive.  I have to admit after hearing that I was a bit skeptical, I mean after all, how much of a disruption could an animal loving, tofu eating gentle giant that rarely dropped the gloves be?

Last weekend, before the Ranger's game the boys were getting ready, doing the usual guy things; lacing up their skates, beating their chests and having burping contests.  While all this was going on, Josh Georges managed to sneak a photo of Georges practicing his yoga and made sure it made it's way to Bob.

And the rest folks, as they say was history.

So now the big question is, do we have the real Habs now?  If this weekend is any indication of what's to come, we could be in for a fun ride, I'll take a giant leap of faith and even consider putting the noose and stool back in the cupboard, for now.

Is Benoit Pouliot the fifty goal scorer we've hoped and prayed for all these years?  Are the hockey Gods finally smiling upon us?  If Benoit turns out to be the real deal, I'll seriously consider joining the church choir.  A little praying it forward never hurts.

So Mike and Max got a little chippy during practice this week.  This does not surprise me at all, in fact I wonder why it took so long. Mike Cammalleri has the eye of the tiger.  When he's sitting on the bench, he looks like a horse chomping at the bit, he can't wait to get back on the ice.  Having to watch Max doing piss all game in and game out would get extremely frustrating for a guy like Mike.  I know the feeling all too well, the same thing goes on in the business world.  You work your tail off and yet you have colleagues who just float around literally useless raking in the bucks and getting all the pats on the back.  Maybe it's just a coincidence but Max finally got involved last night and earned a buck or two.  Maybe I'll follow Mike's lead and drop the gloves tomorrow at our morning meeting.  It's worth a shot.

Halak is claiming his position as the number one goaltender.  What does Bob do, I don't see how he can keep both Halak and Price at the end of the season.  So, do you keep the guy who's been winning the important games and give up on a 22 year old goaltender who could have superstar potential?  A very tough call and a big gamble, Bob has his work cut out for him and better him than me.


moeman said...

Great update Moey.

Don't forget BR retired!

Also, for some reason I thought of you and linked this;

Moey said...

That was so cute! I love the name "Tiggywinkles". Maybe I should try that with my big fat siamese.

BR can bite me. Thank God he's gone!