Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy (hic) New Year!

Yup, we drank the whole thing and then started on the wine.......good munchies too!  Didn't see all of the game, just bits and pieces, but from what I did see Jaro wasn't great.  But so what, we won it, I hope the Habs whooped it up last night and are good and hungover today.  I saw Bambi (MAB) and the giraffe (Gill) score and Yappierre dropping the gloves.

I'll check out the winter classic this afternoon, I'm officially declaring it couch potato day at Chez Moey's, we'll top it off with our annual New Year's day cheese fondue by the fireplace, accompanied with a bottle of fine wine of course. 

Back to work on Monday, it's been a lovely week off.  But no more depressing thoughts, our Habs are mostly healthy and in a playoff spot, a perfect end to 2009.


Number31 said...

It's officially Couch Potato Day for me too but mostly 'cause I'm hidding away my cold. I think I gave it to my hamster too... Though a hamster sneezing is SO CUTE he seems grumpier than usual.

I wish HMCS Hal Gill would launch that puck towards the net more often, as he has a torpedo. Most of the time he just shovels it to the corner though :(

Judy said...

Hi thank you so much for stopping bye. I may post occasionally but I just can't seem to be in the mood lately. Today is couch potato day at my house too. I'm still in my PJ's but thinking of putting on some sweats so I can take the trash out.

Don't you love Mandy. She is one of my favs so I always try to visit when she posts. Can you imagine spending a day with her? Such fun that would be.

Moey said...


I like tall men, but sheesh, I'm only 5'3.....but you're right he has a hell of a cannon.

I've never heard a hamster sneeze, you should make a little video of it! Too cute.

Moey said...


I hope you start posting again, I mainly do a hockey blog, but I can only take so much of it, I'm a girly girl first and foremost. I love the UK blogs, my mother is Scottish so I can identify with all the expressions and places! Mandy would be a hoot, could you just imagine spending the day shopping and then going back to Chez Kitten to sample a few cocktails?