Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In hockey limbo.....again.

Clicquot watching the Habs vs. Caps last night

Not a great start to the New Year for our Habs.  What I've tried to ignore is becoming increasingly apparent, we can't compete with the good teams, we can't score goals against them and we can't control the puck.  I thought with the return of Markov it would nudge us up a level but it's not looking that way.  We're boring, middle of the pack.  No different than any other year, with the exception of that glimmer of hope from the 2007/8 team.  I'm having trouble watching them, I get whiny, restless and fidgety.  There are no surprises on any given night, the best you can hope for is overtime so they can play four on four and maybe bag the two points. On the bright side, I have no expectations so I won't be terribly disappointed if we don't make the playoffs.  I'm not a big fan of clawing into an eighth position, I know it's the playoffs and anything is possible, but historically if you manage to get through the first round you're gone in the second.

This is my least favorite time of year, the holidays are over, it's three miserable cold months before the next long weekend.  I find it to be an endurance test and the older I get the longer it seems, the only bright spot was hockey.  Not so this year, however Jack Bauer will be back in "24" saving the world (well the USA which according to a lot of Americans IS the world) on January 17th, that will just have to keep me going until the spring.  Sigh.


Number31 said...

I need more Castle.

Moey said...

I have never seen that. Is it HBO? Also, more True Blood and Dexter. Unlike our Habs, something that's entertaining.

Number31 said...

Castle is on ABC Mondays.

moeman said...

Dexter rules.

Also, Moey, because I think of you;

Moey said...


Thanks, I'll check it out!


Dexter is awesome, what a great end this season, reminded me a little bit of the movie Seven.

And moeman, you're pretty awesome yourself.