Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out and about......

Mr. Moey and I dressed in all our finery for a night out in old Montreal.

Won't see the Habs tonight, we're going downtown for an afternoon shopping spree, dinner in old Montreal and overnight at a nice hotel.  I'll be  back tomorrow in time for the Habs/Rangers tilt. 

Just one comment about the Dallas game, is it wrong for me to want give Carey Price a hard slap after he gave up that first goal?  Deep down, I want Carey to emerge as the number one.  I would just like to see him have a statement game,  get a shutout Carey, that would be a good start.  Being a typical Habs fan I'm longing for a new Saviour.


moeman said...

Just for you Moey;

Moey said...

Merci moeman!

Additional proof that cat's rule!