Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random thoughts.......

Caught a little bit of HNIC last night, specifically Don Cherry's segment, he was giving his thoughts on who was left out of the Team Canada lineup.  I was surprised to see our very own Bambi (MAB) on his list, his numbers are right up there with the likes of Phaneuf, Bouwmeester and Mike Green.  Who would have thought?  Not bad for someone Bob picked up at a hockey flea market for a bargain price.

If there was a ever a "good" time for Markov to be injured it was game one of the season.  Unlike last year's squad, there was no collective "we're screwed" mentality.  Not even Jacques Martin was aware of what Markov could bring to the table. 

I'm really sick and tired of the Price versus Halak crap.  Why are there two camps?  If Halak has a good game some people react as if it's a jab at Price and vice versa.  Here's a thought, they play on the same TEAM.  Personally I don't care if Mickey Mouse is in nets, it's all about winning games. 

I'm equally as fed up of the on going bitching and whining over Scott Gomez's salary.  He's here to stay, and yes he does need Gionta as his winger, just get over it people.  He was the lure to sign Gionta in the first place.  Gomez is a smart hockey player, Gionta knows his moves and where to position himself, Pouliot is proving to be the third man on what will be a very good offensive line. 

The giraffe (Gill) is holding his own too, he's great on the penalty kill, I'm tired of that bitch fest too.

John Tortorella's hissy fits don't seem to be helping the Rangers these days, maybe he should try a different approach.  Penguins are going through a mini slump and Sid had a hissy fit of his own yesterday.  The Kings continue to surprise, and much to my delight the Leafs lost last night, again.  Komo making Team USA's lineup tells me all I need to know, what an eye roller.  If that's their best........

Looking forward to see how we fare against the better teams, this afternoon against Buffalo will be a good starting point.


Number31 said...

Fans of this team are absolutely unbelievable. Would they prefer the Habs had only one goalie like the Rangers? And unless Bob finds a good enough veteran backup, there is no other goalie waiting in the pipeline after Jaro... (Sanford is either injured or bad, Desjardins is not an NHL goalie and would be eaten alive with this streaky defence). Bet if these guys were Sharks fans they'd have asked for Nabby to be tradded 'cause Boucher had better numbers, or would have bitched that Valiquette got shafted 'cause he replaced Lundqvist twice in the playoffs and stopped everything (he's not stopping anything now and currently sucks away in the AHL). Right now, no one is winning games if they are scoring 2 or less goals, which will be harder to do without the Kostitsyns.

Gill was a good pickup for his extra long stick and rugged good looks. Frankly we got him at a better time in his playing life.

I was wondering that too about the Rags. Maybe they've tuned out Torts? Poor Higgy :(

...I want Taylor Hall to be a Hab.

Moey said...


A lot of the fans aren't fans. There's also a lot of complaining about how Bob Gainey keeps his cards close to his chest. Would they rather have Torts? Probably and the french media would have a field day with him. I'll take quiet dignified Bob and Jacques any day of the week over that sideshow.

I wonder how long Higgy will last with the Rags? And you're right we ain't going anywhere without scoring.