Sunday, March 14, 2010

As God intended it to be........

Beating the Bruins that is.  There's nothing more satisfying on a Saturday night on HNIC, well except maybe beating the Leafs, but we'll be taking care of that next weekend.

Chara comforts Lucic after he's hit by AK46

Great game, lots of energy and what about Scott Gomez?  My personal nickname for him is Speedy Gonzales, he justs zigs and zags down the ice leaving the Bruins in his dust, such fun to watch.  Every time that line steps on the ice you just know good things are going to happen.  I can't wait to have the last two missing pieces of the puzzle back, Cammy reunited with AK46 and Pleky and Bambi back on the powerplay are just going to drive this team up another notch.

Bob Gainey must be feeling some satisfaction, his vision for this new team  is finally coming to fruition.  For all the naysayers, whiners and so called experts, how could anyone possibly rate this team when the full roster were only on the ice for two games this season?

I realize there are games left to be played and I'm not counting my chickens, but I can't help but feel a little excited about our team.  The biggest difference from last years' squad is not so much talent, but the character and will to win.  As a fan, as long as they are giving it their best that's all we can really ask.  Well, that and making it through to a third playoff round would be nice too.


Number31 said...

There's this lady I see walking her Boston Terriers downtown a lot, she's got them in Habs jerseys. SO CUTE. They got barberpoles!

Moey said...

Good catch 31, I was wondering if anyone would notice they were Boston terriers..

Those dogs must look adorable, you should try to snap a pic sometime.