Monday, March 1, 2010

My kid Sid.......

The son I never had.  I dream of seeing him in a Hab's uniform one day, it's not totally beyond the realm of possibility, he was a Hab's fan growing up.  If that day ever happens,  he'll need a new place to live so I'll adopt him and he can move in with Mr. Moey and I.  He can permanently move into my guest room and hang out with Mr. Moey in the room down the hall with the man TV and surround sound.  He'll even have his own bathroom.  I'll do his laundry and cook him delicious meals when he's in town.  I won't  charge him room and board, a few free hockey tickets would suffice; and he and his buddy Stanley are welcome to use the pool anytime.

I just hope he likes cats.


soperman said...

Every once in a while I go over to the NS Sports Hall of Fame on my lunch and look at the Crosby artifacts including his Habs baby bottle and soother, the same ones I bought for my own grandson.

But when Mrs. Soperman went to the exhibit she walked over and opened the famous dryer. In response to my question she said that she was hoping Mrs. Crosby left a jersey in there. :o)

Moey said...


Wouldn't it be great if that bottle and soother could be replaced with a Habs jersey on our boy Sid?

I haven't been in Nova Scotia in years, but if I get back some day I'll have to check out that exhibit.

soperman said...

Yes, it would be great. Too bad there wasn't a draft rule that if you draft a player you get first crack at his children and grandchildren too. Then Troy Crosby G - 243 pick would seem like a pretty good pick. :o)