Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One last look at Malibu....'til next time

Malibu beach

Just a few last notes about my California trip, on Monday my sister and I went to my favorite eating and watering hole; Geoffrey's in Malibu.  It's a beautiful open air restaurant perched on top of Malibu beach on the Pacific Coast Highway.

I had my usual, Eggs Benedict with prosciutto on a toasted croissant.  Heavenly, washed down of course with a mighty fine Californian Pinot Noir.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, it was a nice break from that far too long stretch between Christmas and Easter.  The hockey game in Anaheim was the icing on the cake, it's funny during the game when the Habs were down 3-0 I turned to my sister and remarked that just because the Habs are down doesn't mean they're out.  The Ducks on the other hand have no shortage of talent, they had nine players participating in the Olympics, the most of any NHL team, but so far their season has been sub par.  It's a bit of a mystery.

Ducks/Habs game programme

Doggone it Aunt Moey, do you have to leave?



Dennis said...

Beautiful, Moey. Thank you for these.

Moey said...

Anytime Dennis, you really have to get yourself out there sometime soon. It's God's country I tell ya!

moeman said...

As SDK said, gorgeous stuff from our gorgeous gal pal Moey.

Moey said...


It was tough to leave, the weather was going to be in the high seventies this week.

RiRi said...

I know I`m late but...

Nice pics of Cali, Moey.

Also, that egg dish looks absolutely delish! Yum!

Moey said...

Thanks RIRI! It was delish and easy to make at home, instead of English muffins use croissants and replace the ham with prociutto.

Also nice to wash it down with Mimosas instead of wine.

RiRi said...

Will definitely try to recreate that!

Mmmm, mimosas... I`ve been craving one for the longest time! Perfect!