Sunday, May 9, 2010


Another heroic effort by the boys last night.  I'll admit I was getting cranky watching the Pens outplay us for most of the game but at the same time I kept reminding myself that Pittsburgh is icing a full roster, we're missing our two best defensemen and lost Hal Gill in the third period.  We STILL managed to stay with with the freakin' defending Stanley Cup champions and almost tied it late in the third!  That's an accomplishment in itself. The boys are fighting the good fight, but what's left of the defense is running on fumes. I wouldn't be surprised to see the return of Spacek and Markov for game six back in Montreal.  Desperate times require desperate measures, especially in the playoffs.

The biggest difference between the team this year and last comes down to this:

Last year after the Habs were swept four straight by the Boston Bruins in the first round, Georges Laraque was interviewed and had this to say, "You didn't honestly think we had a chance did you?"  Was it just Georges or was it the mindset of the whole team?  Judging by the way they played I have to go with the latter.

Before the first round started against the Washington Capitals Mike Cammalleri was asked if the team felt they had a chance of beating the Caps.  Without missing a beat he replied "If there's anyone in this room that doesn't think we can beat them then they shouldn't be here."


soperman said...

Cammy knows what the score is and Gill said it was "just a cut."

Moey said...

Prayers to the hockey Gods soperman, or at the very least, my parents who loved the game.

RiRi said...

Gotta love Cammy. Actually, I love this whole team. So much heart and I've learned time after time to never count them out of anything. In the end, isn't that what all us fans want, for them to play with heart and character? Of course, a Stanley Cup wouldn't hurt either!

Good quotes. I had completely forgot about BGL saying that. Then again, I did try to block those last 4 games out of my mind!

Moey said...

I think that the biggest disappointment last year was we knew they could play a lot better. We'll never know the whole story.

Mr Trivia said...

A part of me is still disappointed about last year... we knew they could play better. They knew they could play better.

But they didn't. And now they're gone.

We've got a new team now and for most of the season I was thinking the same thing: they can play better. But again, we were cursed with injuries. And we never really saw the team fire on all cylinders.

They're still injured but someone injected some nitro and the cylinders we still have left are working overtime.

The problem with running on nitro? You wreck the engine.

Couple that with JM having used mainly 3 lines for most of the playoffs so far and we're heading to a burn out.

What I wouldn't give for a couple call-up spots right now to get some fresh legs.

Moey said...

Mr. T,

I agree with the D being burnt out. We wouldn't need fresh legs on offense if *ahem* certain people would show up, off the top of my head AK46, Pouliot & Pleks, hello, is anyone home? It's up to the same guys game after game to get goals.

Dennis said...

Moey, I didn't know Laraque said that. Such a mistake it was signing him in the first place. If he would've done what he was supposed to do - get mad and pummel people, but he was a peacenik. I'm glad he's not there anymore.

Moey said...

Bob thought that we needed an enforcer after we were swept in 5 by the Flyers. He said himself that there is a certain amount of blind faith that goes with signing players, he actually said that about Laraque. He was a big disappointment.