Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine, eighty degrees and playoff hockey....ya gotta love it!

With the Habs being deep in the playoffs naturally hockey has taken over the airwaves in Montreal.  I heard this the other day and thought it was quite interesting. According to an ex-NHL'er, on average on any given team only fifty percent of the players are interested in how far they get in the post season.  That, along with the fact that they don't get payed for playoff games surprised me.  Maybe that's part of it.  They do get a per diem, but in the case of P.K. Subban, he's literally playing for free.  I can only draw one conclusion from this, teams that do manage to be successful post season are playing for the pride and glory of  a championship, not for their wallets.   This year's edition of the Habs seem to understand the importance of hockey to the fans and the city.  They get it.  I think it was Scott Gomez who remarked that the team wants it even more than the fans.   Well Scotty, that's some mighty powerful want and it's refreshing to hear.  From where I was sitting, the biggest desire of last year's squad was the fastest path to the golf course. 

Watched a little of the Sharks/Hawks game last night.  I think San Jose should consider changing it's name from Sharks to guppies.  If we can rid ourselves of the vile Flyers, I think a Montreal/Chicago match up would be fantastic.  The Habs and the Hawks have the speed and skill to make it a very interesting and exciting final.  Of course in order to make that happen, I have to keep practicing my rituals.  You can read all about them by clinking this link.


soperman said...

Are you okay Moey?

Have a good summer. It was a much better playoff run than most people imagined.


WV - "prializ" as in "My prescription for prializ ran out and I could not stop yelling at Bob Cole as he did the play by play - sort of...

Moey said...

I'm fine Soperman! Great playoff run, didn't want it to end.

I'll be posting during the summer, whatever catches my fancy.