Friday, May 7, 2010

Superstitions and random observations....

I'll admit it, I'm superstitious when it comes to hockey.  If I do something differently and the Habs win, then I'll stick with it.  As I've metioned in a previous post, this year's winning formula is quite simple, no live blogging or tweeting during the game and reciting snippets of Herb Brook's famous speech once during each period.  I've only strayed from the rituals twice and both times we lost.  I'm starting to feel the weight of a championship on my shoulders.  Last Tuesday night I was invited out with the boys to watch the game at a local bar.  It was an enjoyable evening, albeit quiet, they were subdued and dignified Habs fans while Old Yeller here was ready to explode at every missed call and scoring opportunity. To top it off, we lost.  I'm chained to my sofa and my laptop is on the shelf during games until the Hab's magical run is over.

Geno reminds me of Lurch on the Adam's family, I guess Dan Bylsma finally figured out he had to tinkle the servant's bell to get his attention.  He's also dangerous when woken up, like a bear in hibernation.

The Sharks won't disappoint, they're living proof that it's never too late to choke.  (See last night's game against Detroit).

The Pens are tenacious little terriers, but the Habs are Chihuahuas on steroids.

Carey Price needs to take notes from Sid the kid on daycare etiquette, hissy fits are fine, just don't get caught and end up in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

Mad Max slept through the entire season but he hasn't wasted a minute of ice time in the playoffs.  Apparently because of his incessant chirping Sid the kid hates playing against him.  Max should start sending Sid annoying tweets between games, it might push the boy wonder right over the edge.

Sid the kid's boyhood idol growing up - our very own Kirk Muller.

It irks me that every day more and more Habs car flags are appearing, there's nothing more annoying to me than bandwagon fans.

I love the "history will be made" fan commercials on YouTube.  One day I might figure out how to use YouTube and enthrall everyone with homemade videos of my furkids.  Now that's something to look forward to!

Don Cherry was defending the Habs last night on HNIC, iron clad proof that he actually is going senile.

Does anybody think that Guy Carbonneau should still be behind the Hab's bench? 

As much as I still love and miss Saku Koivu, I've come to terms with the fact that it was time for him to move on.  I love this little team, especially  it's heart and character, after last year's centennial debacle they've managed to restore pride and a real sense of hope.  They really are a joy to watch.


moeman said...

WE miss ya Moey.

Moey said...

I miss you guys too, but I gotta keep doing what I'm doing. Sacrifices for the good of the team. *sigh*