Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank you God!

Not because Jaro is leaving Montreal, but the ridiculous and never ending goalie controversy is now officially over. 

Jaro, thanks for the memories, you gave us an amazing playoff run and the most excitement Hab's fans have seen in these parts in years.  I wish you the best of luck with your new team.

It's a beautiful sunny day at Chez Moey's and I don't intend to spend it wasting time speculating about how Carey Price will do in October, because there's one thing that I know with absolute certainty.  I've been blogging about the Habs for the past two years and I've come to the conclusion that at the end of the day I know diddly squat.

My time will be much better spent soaking up some rays and catching up on my latest magazines.  That's what summer is for and I'm amazed at a lot of fans who wish it was October already.  I guess I'm not a "real" fan, thank God for that too, it means I still have my sanity.


moeman said...

So, tan lines?

Moey said...

Nope :)

soperman said...

Two things, Moey

1./ You are a "real fan", you just acknowledge that you don't know everything (most fans don't acknowledge this fact).

2./ The goaltender controversy is not over just because Jaro has been traded. (I still have friends who have not let go of the Vachon trade and his replacement was Ken F'n Dryden.)

Moey said...


You're dead on about the controvesy, what was I thinking?