Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing.....the "mewest" Hab fan


I'm not quite sure if she is a Hab fan, she slept her way through the Habs/Pens playoff game six last night on the NHL network.  I want to get her acclimatized to my yelling and screeching before hockey season begins.

She's a two year old seal point Siamese that came to me through a rescue group called "Cause 4 Paws."  It all started when I placed an ad on Craig's list last February, I was giving away a sofa and love seat and the lady who ended up taking the furniture runs a cat rescue.  I already have three fur kids and believe me, I wasn't looking for a fourth.  I do however have a weakness for Siamese, they're a wonderful breed and they get deeply attached to their humans. 

On Friday I met with the cat lady to finalize Sabrina's adoption when I mentioned that my favorite Siamese is the blue point.  You gotta love this, she says "well then you'll just  have to adopt Josh Gorges."  Are you kidding me?  Josh Gorges? Check out these pics of Habs' kittens, the family that is fostering them are die hard Habs fans. Ursula (the cat lady) had no idea that I'm into hockey!  I think it's fate :)  Mr. Moey will have me committed!

Isn't Josh gorgeous?  He has some medical issues at the moment, he's not eating and thriving the way he should be :(



There is also a fourth kitten "Marky" but I didn't see his picture on the website.  These kittens are available for adoption, you can find out more about Cause 4 Paws by clicking the link below.  They appreciate any help you can give, whether it be adopting, fostering, or donations for never ending vet bills.  Do it for Josh! 


Number31 said...

If I wasn't deathly allergic to cats despite the fact I love cats I'd take Cammy! Also I don't think Pleky would survive having a cat in the house...

Moey said...

Isn't Cammy adorable? Good call on the Pleky issue, I think there would be trouble in the room!

moeman said...

Must agree Cammy is adorable.

Rookie said...

I can't stop looking at these pictures! They're SO cute, especially Cammy (I have two big-eyed tabby cats already) but if I could, I'd take them all home.

Moey said...


I know, tell me about it! Josh has slightly improved, but still not 100 percent (:

soperman said...

Cool cat, Moey. Sabrina sort of suits a siamese.

Moey said...


She's a real sweetie, she already had that name when I got her and it does suit her down to the ground.