Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joisey shores update.......

I had lofty ambitions about posting every other day while enjoying a quick beach getaway.  Unfortunately on the Tuesday I came down with a rotten cold, so there's not a lot of blogging material and quite honestly I didn't have the energy nor the inspiration.

The weather was great for the entire eight days.  Very hot and humid, but there was a lovely breeze during the day to make it very tolerable to sit back and catch some rays.  The ocean was nippy but nice if you just wanted a quick dip to cool off. 

Mr. Moey did an admirable job of being a single parent while I was away keeping the furkids fed and becoming an expert poop scooper. One thing I failed to mention before I left is that it's not necessary to dump the entire 12 kilos of kitty litter into the tray at one time.  The smaller furkids looked like they were drowning in quicksand when they attempted to do their business.  It's probably a good thing the clumping doesn't  work instantaneously or they would have been anchored to the bottom with little cement shoes around their paws.  But all in all I can't complain, they were happy and healthy and the head count remained the same.

So the countdown begins until the next beach vacation, Grand Cayman in October.  With the weather we've been having so far this summer, it can't come soon enough.

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