Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prime cuts and sunsets.......

was the name of the restaurant in the Ritz Carlton where we decided to have my birthday dinner.  Mostly for reasons of convenience, it's right next door to us.

I subscribe to Conde Nast Traveler magazine and I had packed my most recent copy. The November issue has a feature on "Best in the World" hotels, islands, resorts and cruises.  Much to my surprise the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman was chosen by Nast readers as the number one resort in the Caribbean.  It's a bit of a head scratcher for me, I've stayed on properties in my beach travels that surpassed this particular Ritz by a country mile.  To be fair, I wasn't a guest, we were merely there to have a meal, but from what I saw I have to disagree. 

View of the Ritz from the beach

The pool
Prime cuts and sunsets restaurant

Yellow fin tuna tartare
Pan seared scallops
Surf and turf with lobster mashed potatos
A very nice Beaune to compliment the meal
A special birthday creme brulee

Beach view  from the restaurant
The food was very good but pricey,  the service was impeccable.  They will also arrange a private cabana for two directly on the sand at an additional cost of $285.00 caymanian dollars.  (Add another 20 percent to the Canadian dollar). 

The resort sells residences, starting at one million  for a one bedroom up to forty-four million for a 20,000 square foot penthouse.  To be honest, even if I had that kind of coin, there are other properties on the island that I would prefer. 

Still, not a bad way to spend a birthday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just another day in paradise......

Not a good day for shopping, evil cruise ships lurk in the distance.

The weather was a little dicey this morning, but Mr. Sun knew better than to incur the wrath of Moey, and Mr. Moey thanks him too from the bottom of his heart.

Watched the highlights of the Habs/islanders game this morning on the NHL network, they're out of sight but not out of mind.  Keep up the good work boys! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On location......Grand Cayman

A well deserved vacation for Mr. M, who valiantly fought the battle of our backyard during spring and summer after a foundation problem was repaired last November.  Our back and front yard consisted of large mounds of earth, the grass was gone, the cement patio around our pool was broken up.  We took that opportunity to replace all of the pool plumbing.  What a mess. Weekend in and weekend out, night after night he was out there and sometimes in temperatures upwards of 40 degrees Celsius.  I did my small part by keeping the troops fed and watered.  A major job but the worst is behind us now.  The front lawn was replaced and a new rock garden built in early October.  The infamous big deck will wait until spring.

We arrived on Grand Cayman Sunday afternoon, the humidity hit us like a brick.  It's been beautiful so far, very humid but we're in an oceanfront villa so there's a little bit of a breeze.  The only downside to the Cayman Islands is everything with the exception of restaurants is closed on Sunday. It's a good idea to bring a couple of bottles of wine and a small container of milk for coffee the next morning in a carry on bag.

I had one of  my tastiest meals in Grand Cayman on Sunday evening.  A little restaurant right across the street called "The Sunrise Grill", it's part of the Sunshine Suites hotel complex. Jamaican pulled beef tacos with sautéed onions and mushrooms, fresh tomato, cabbage and cilantro.  Absolutely delicious, complimented by a frosty Margarita and a large glass of Wolf Blass Shiraz.

This is our third trip and our best accommodation so far.  We're nestled between the Ritz Carlton and the Westin, so we're enjoying the best stretch of seven mile beach.  We opted not to rent a car this time, grocery and liquor stores (the important stuff) are within two blocks.  We're planning to rent a car just for the day to explore the northern part of the island, Rum Point and  Kaibo Kai. 

I managed to watch some of the Habs/Coyotes game last night on Coyote TV live internet streaming.  Not bad at all, we're tied for first in the East.  A pretty impressive start considering we're still missing our most valuable player.  And to coin a phrase from Mike Boone at HIO. the 'Yotes are hardly the "little sisters of the poor."  They racked up 100 points last season, much like our Habs they're speedy and opportunistic, a worthy opponent.

More updates from Grand Cayman as the week progresses, I am sitting typing this overlooking the gorgeous Caribbean sea watching the sun come up sipping on a hot cup of tea. There's not a cloud in the sky, looks like another fine day at the beach.

Taken live on seven mile beach this morning on my new IPhone 4.  This phone rocks!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hockey night in Beaconsfield.......

Scotch anyone?
We have officially declared  Saturday nights hockey night in Beaconsfield. We had our launch party last night and invited some friends over.  There was a lot of pizza consumed with plenty of red wine and Scotch to wash it down.  I didn't catch much of the game, but the important thing is we won.  I've PVR'ed it and plan on watching it this afternoon.  I'm very optimistic about this year's team and I can't wait for the return of Andre Markov.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Three games into the season......

and these are the things that are irritating me, in no particular order.

PK Subban - you're not Bobby Orr, yet.  Take Price's advice - chill.

Guy Boucher - can we wait until the season's over before anointing him as the second coming of Scotty Bowman.

Sidney Crosby - there was nothing "strange" about beating your team in Game 7 in the playoffs.  It wasn't an episode of the Twilight Zone where the Leafs are 3-0 to start the season.  I think you might be suffering from a case of Guy ( I still don't know why I got fired) Carbonitis.  It's really simple Sid, you sucked, your D sucked and so did your goalie.  End of.

Tony Marinaro - Word on the street is TMZ is looking for reporters.  Do us all a favor and go for it. Please.

Mike Cammalleri - You're my new favorite Hab, please stop the buffoonery or we could drift apart.

The Anaheim Ducks - the Leafs are looking better than you are, sort yourselves out

Idiotic Quebec drivers - enough said.

The lint that sticks to Mr. Moey's black wool socks.

Bring on the Sabres.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Season opener....Habs vs Leafs

Ummm...can Price borrow Halak's stop sign?  I'm not blaming the loss on him, but the softies are proving costly.  We need that point now so the boys aren't chasing it in April to grab the last playoff spot.  My nerves can't handle that three years in a row. The  Leafs really only have one true goal scorer, what's gonna happen on Saturday night in Pittsburgh with some real firepower?  It's always the same scenario, one gets by Price while he looks like a deer caught in the headlights.  Enough already.  *slaps him on the head*

I was disappointed that Komisarek didn't do anything dumb, but come to think of it he didn't do anything at all.  I see him ending up the same way as Souray one of these days, being the oldest and tallest kid in the class after failing a couple of grades.

Unless Pouliot picks it up about ten notches, I think his days in Montreal are numbered.  For the love of God, please get Gomez a decent winger.  His puck moving ability is an exercise in futility, it's frustrating to watch, imagine how he must feel.

The Leafs didn't look all that bad (damn) but the next match up will be more telling when we (hopefully) ice a full roster. 

The best part about the game?  No injuries to any of our key players.  Bring on the Pens and welcome back Cammy, you were missed last night.