Friday, October 8, 2010

Season opener....Habs vs Leafs

Ummm...can Price borrow Halak's stop sign?  I'm not blaming the loss on him, but the softies are proving costly.  We need that point now so the boys aren't chasing it in April to grab the last playoff spot.  My nerves can't handle that three years in a row. The  Leafs really only have one true goal scorer, what's gonna happen on Saturday night in Pittsburgh with some real firepower?  It's always the same scenario, one gets by Price while he looks like a deer caught in the headlights.  Enough already.  *slaps him on the head*

I was disappointed that Komisarek didn't do anything dumb, but come to think of it he didn't do anything at all.  I see him ending up the same way as Souray one of these days, being the oldest and tallest kid in the class after failing a couple of grades.

Unless Pouliot picks it up about ten notches, I think his days in Montreal are numbered.  For the love of God, please get Gomez a decent winger.  His puck moving ability is an exercise in futility, it's frustrating to watch, imagine how he must feel.

The Leafs didn't look all that bad (damn) but the next match up will be more telling when we (hopefully) ice a full roster. 

The best part about the game?  No injuries to any of our key players.  Bring on the Pens and welcome back Cammy, you were missed last night.


moeman said...

Great read Moey.

Anonymous said...

Hockey has been over since 1995 or at least since Gary "I HATE CANADA" Bettman began his charge. Since 1995 specifically, the Montreal Canadiens have literally died. It's a business now for Canadian clubs all together because Gary Fuckface doesn't allow them to earn anymore Stanley Cup titles anymore. For the Habs in particular, it's about selling beer, then farm it. It doesn't matter who we get to play for the Habs; CRYsby, OveCHICKEN, the SADins, it makes no difference. No matter who plays for the Canadiens, the club has a plan and here it is: Bullshit the media and fans by playing hard during the Regular Season, then we the Playoffs come around, put on a show for one series, but ultimately SELL FUCKIN' BEER.