Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hurricanes rain on our parade.......

Talk about putting a damper on things, Mr. Moey and I were having a nice evening by the fire nibbling on some fresh seafood.  We were drinking a bottle of Mumm Napa sparkling wine, crisp and dry it was the perfect pairing.  Another reason to love California (and there are numerous).

So it was all good, the Habs were giving the Canes a good and proper beating, the cats were beating up each other.  The furkids always get chippy during hockey games, maybe it's because there's a lot of noise in the background and they feel left out.  They love being the center of attention.

I nipped into the kitchen to get dessert, when I hear Mr. Moey yell, "Markov's hurt!"  I came running into the family room just in time to see him lying on the ice wincing in pain.  I felt like I had just been kicked in the stomach.  Talk about sucking all the air out of your gut.  I hope it's nothing serious, the Habs can get by without him, but he just makes the team that much better.  I'm starting to wonder if there is some kind of statute of limitation on happiness if you're a Habs fan.  It's either that, or we should have stuck to our Saturday night ritual and ordered pizza.  *sigh*


moeman said...

Markov's injury looks serious. Another Cane takes out another Hab. Hope Jordan is happy in PIT.

Um, what was the dessert?

Moey said...


The injury doesn't look good, but hope springs eternal. Keeping my fingers crossed!

We had Coquille St. Jacques as the main course and chocolate cupcakes with mint cream icing for dessert. That Mumm Napa was very good, about $28.00 a bottle. If you like dry white sparkling, give it a try.

Number31 said...

Dunno what's worse, the injury or every media member coming out of every shadow with their own diagnosis.


wv. routwar lol

Moey said...