Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday recap - Leafs, Habs and Mr. Moey's birthday.......

It was so windy and cold yesterday, I nipped out to get a few groceries and then spent the afternoon as a couch potato.  (One of my favorite winter pastimes).  I decided to choose something from my Habs memorable games DVD set.  To date, I've only watched the comeback against the Rangers.  I picked the Heritage classic in 2003, I've never seen it and I thought it would put me in the mood for the upcoming Flames/Habs outdoor match in February.  Some of the commentary from the game sounded awfully familiar, "Habs are in 28th place in the league on the PP, their centers are too small, they have trouble scoring five on five."   Souray was back in the lineup after having major wrist surgery, I guess he still hadn't perfected his laser from the point.  It was nice to see a young and healthy Markov.  On the Markov front, the Canadiens have not made an official announcement yet on his injury status.  I know RDS and Tony Marinaro report he's gone for the season, but I'll wait until I hear it from the horse's mouth.  Maybe it's not as bad as people are making out. *fingers crossed*

It was also Mr. Moey's birthday,  I had my birthday dinner at the Ritz in Grand Cayman, Mr. Moey got pizza and the Leafs.  I think that sounds like a fair trade, no?  In all seriousness, I'll be taking him to his favorite restaurant sometime in the next month or so. We've been going here for years and it's always good.  I highly recommend it.

I ordered the pizza for 8:00 PM, Mr. Moey lit the fire and we opened a bottle of Liberty School Syrah.
The Habs paid a nice tribute to Pat Burns at the beginning and a shout out to the crowd who managed to maintain a moment of silence, it was an impressive show of respect. Beating the Leafs on a Saturday night always feels satisfying, shutting them out was even better.  Carey Price is off the charts good.

Although Mr. Moey's birthday was kind of low key, he did get a present from the furkids.  (I've ordered something for him online and it hasn't arrived yet).

I had bought myself a pair of crocs at the dollar store in the summer, our backyard was in shambles and they were the perfect shoe for wearing in muck and rocks.  You just hose them down at the end of the day.  Mr. Moey thought they were a good idea, but thought they were just for women.  My pair are a bright fuchsia.  Don't be silly I told him, if they're good enough for this guy, they're good enough for you.

The hard part was finding them, not every store stocks them.  Of course, these aren't from the dollar store, they're the real deal.

Mr. Moey's manly crocks

The furkids have a sense of humor, check out the card they gave him, sadly there were four of them when they bought it.   R.I.P Tara.

A laid back but enjoyable birthday for Mr. Moey, capped by shutting out the Leafs on home ice.  Now I'm nervously eagerly looking forward to tomorrow night's sequel Rocky Flyers II.


Number31 said...

Happy birthday to Mr Moey! It was Patches birthday yesterday too (hat trick and shootout goal for a present). And we went to Il Centro for mom's birthday. Oh so delicious... Her present was that our puppy would get groomed but the lady at the store was kind of a bitch so we canceled it. Probably try Adorable Animal instead.

I think Carey Price should get the nickname "Scary Price". Pucks fear him.

Honestly whatever RDS and Marinaro want to out-scoop each other with is pissing me off 'cause they're being absolutely disrespectful. The Habs are more concerned in finding out if Markov will be able to continue his career first! This gracious and important man's livelihood is on the line, and they're pissing around the rumour tree while bitching about the Habs secrecy (which isn't secrecy, they just want to announce it right and proper).

Moey said...

I agree with the out scooping each other, it really pisses me off. Same thing when Gagnon reported Gio as the captain. I'm happy to wait until the Habs decide to make the announcements. At this point they probably don't know the severity of the injury until the doc in Cleveland sees it.

moeman said...

My Moey, when you type "I nipped out", you will lose most of your male audience, if only for a few minutes.

Bonne Fête Monsieur Moey. You are a lucky man. I can only imagine that dessert was out of this world great and the cake just as good. How sweet that icing is lickable.


Moey said...


*slap* You naughty naughty boy, I meant it purely in the British sense.

moeman said...

OuCH! : )

soperman said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Moey. Please note, however, that Mrs. soperman took me to the Bell Centre for my birthday (and we live in Halifax). But pizza and a Habs win are good, too. Especially when a big ugly former Habs defenseman sets up Cammy for a beauty goal.

Moey said...


Belated birthday wishes to you! Believe it or not, I missed Cammy's goal:( I knew he scored but didn't see it until I watched the highlights. Komo is hectic without Markov.