Thursday, March 31, 2011

I spit in their general direction......

but Carey Price gets a free pass.  As for the rest of them, I don't really have anything to say that doesn't include the "F" word.  Oh wait, there is one thing.....GO DUCKS!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear Moey.......

Gloating over other hockey team's misfortunes can result in this.



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is in the air......

and I'm slowly stirring from my mid winter hibernation.  The time of year I dislike most is right after the Christmas break until the first signs of spring.  I haven't been inspired to do much, far less blog about hockey.  When I first started this blog in late 2008, I was recapping every game and slowly if not surely I've drifted away from that.  There are so many hockey blogs that have sprung up since then that I no longer feel that I can set myself apart from the pack or offer anything much different than is already out there.  After all, how many ways can people essentially, say the same thing?

But I will weigh in on hockey from time to time, when I feel that I have something relevant to say. I also feel a profound sense of gratitude to my fellow hockey bloggers who supported and listed my website on theirs.  There will be hockey, but it will no longer be the main topic.  I want to use this blog as an outlet for my other passions; travel, food, reading a good book or just sharing bits and pieces of daily life that I find to be of interest and/or amusing.

I do however have some thoughts in view of the events that have befallen our Montreal Canadiens the past week.   There have been varying opinions on the horrific hit on Max Pacioretty by Bruin's defenseman Zdeno Chara.  What's interesting is the majority of Quebec media think it was intentional while those outside of the province tend to sway to "accidental."  Given the previous history between the two, and the team goon mentality of the Bruins and their fan base in general, I have no doubt in my mind that it was indeed intentional.  I know I can't get into the head of Zdeno Chara to know exactly what he was thinking, but I didn't need to be in the head of O.J. Simpson either to know that he killed two people even though the justice system ruled otherwise.

Chara's guilty in the court of Moey for three reasons, one for wanting a piece of Max who pushed him out of the way so Max could celebrate an overtime victory with his teammates.   There's footage of that and in the games that followed that clearly shows that Chara had an axe to grind with Max.  He wasn't about to let that blatant show of "disrespect" go unpunished.

The second reason is not so obvious, but plays a large part in it.  Boston is a better team on paper and has been for the past three years, but that rarely translates on to the ice when facing the Habs.  It's a source of endless frustration for the Bruins and even though they should already have an advantage by playing against a depleted and band aid version of the Habs' D corps, it still wasn't enough.  What better way to improve the odds of winning by taking out the Habs most productive winger?  Max was bringing an element to the Habs that has been missing and sought after for years, he was emerging into a true power forward.

The third and most important - gut feeling.  Some things you just know.

I've always stated that I hated the Leafs but respectably hated the Bruins.  I used to think they were a worthy opponent, but that's no longer the case.  Winning at any cost is a trait I find despicable. Now I just hate.

As far as our Habs go, I'm not sure how much more adversity they can possibly overcome.   They've been a gutsy and admirable bunch, staying comfortably in the playoff mix in spite of missing three of their top D men.  The excellent play of Carey Price should keep them in the race, but my hopes for a long playoff run are starting to fade.  What is encouraging however is the Habs have been down this season, but never out.  They still may have a surprise or two in store.  Hope springs eternal.