Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Despite the fact the Habs lost in overtime last night, the sun IS shining in Montreal this morning.  Maybe it's a sign?  Fact - even if the Habs win this in seven, I don't see a long playoff run.  Special teams and goaltending win cups.  Our power play looks like a dog's dinner.  Boston is no better. 

Maybe it's mean of me (especially on Easter Sunday) to hope for a 'Hawks win this afternoon.  Maybe it's wrong of me to want Luongo chased from the net, again. And maybe it's not very nice of me to hope the Vancouver fans feel the crushing disappointment that I felt in 2009. Maybe I'm just a bitch :)


soperman said...

Oh Moey, that Chicago win was sweet, especially after the CBC crew "spin-alyzing" that the 'Hawks were under pressure and the 'Nucks had them just where they wanted them.

BTW that cat has freaky ears. :o)

Moey said...

Agreed Sope, I enjoyed every minute of it!