Friday, May 27, 2011

Drumroll please.......

(Better late than never, I finally got around to publishing our spring vacation blog from two weeks ago.)

Mr. Moey and I left last Thursday morning for destination San Francisco.  We've both been there a few times before, but Mr. Moey left his heart there two years ago on a business trip and had a burning desire to return.  The weather is somewhat coolish for my liking but you do have to throw them a bone once in a while.   

He has an annual convention in Las Vegas that he attends so we decided to combine the two.  Three days in San Francisco and on to Las Vegas Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Moey and I have somewhat different ideas on how to spend a vacation.  He likes to walk the city streets and  look at all the architecture while I'm just looking for the closest shopping and restaurant hub.

We trawled the streets of SF and finally arrived at Market Street.  Unfortunately with two hours of walking already under my belt I sort of lost the desire to shop.  By the time we reached Union Square my feet and calves were aching. It's no secret that I despise winter so the most walking I've done since October was from the sofa to the kitchen and from my car into the office.   Even bears are wise enough to slowly stir from a deep hibernation.  But said bears aren't in a relationship with Mr. Moey who insisted that a good long walk would be good for me, get the blood flowing.  Right.  More like the blood boiling.

Enough of that, Saturday was going to be MY day.  I had decided that I wanted to visit the farmer's market at the main ferry building and take a ferry over to Sausalito for lunch.  Sausalito is my kind of town, tiny with little art galleries, small boutiques to browse through and very good waterside dining establishments. Bliss.  We spent a couple of pleasant hours there and returned to San Francisco and Market Street.  We walked back to Union Square, did a little bit of shopping and finished the afternoon off with a cocktail at the top of the Hyatt Regency. 

We elected not to dine out in the evenings while we were there because we knew that we'd be out every night during our five days in Las Vegas.  We found a Whole Foods grocery store within close proximity to the small house we rented and it had everything imaginable.  In fact it made Trader Joe's seem somewhat ordinary.  Great cheese selection, Pont Levesque was among them  I was impressed, usually in the US finding decent cheese is like searching for the Holy Grail.  They also had a very good selection of California wines. 

Here are a few pics of our time in San Francisco.  The farmer's market is terrific, all kinds of organic fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, local cheeses and of course sourdough bread.

Home sweet home - Protrero Hill

The wine on the left was really nice, we bought another bottle the next day.
Outdoor dining at San Francisco's farmers market

'shrooms anyone?

Fresh oysters for sampling, wonderful

Mighty fine selection of Californian wines

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables

Not even the seagulls were left out, they're enjoying a pizza lunch.  Some kind soul had bought the pizza and placed it on top of the bin for them.  I thought that was pretty cool.
From the Sausalito ferry, a view of Alcatraz
Union Square, San Francisco

Next up....Viva Las Vegas!

We arrived in LV late Sunday afternoon.  Warm and sunny, I couldn't wait to be poolside.  By the time we were unpacked and settled in I put off going down to the pool until the next morning.  BIG mistake, the next day was overcast with a high of 65 degrees.  You've got to be kidding me!  However I wasn't about to let that stop me, I went down for a quick breakfast and found a deck chair.  After two hours of shivering and having to purchase a coffee to warm me up, I decided that my time was best spent elsewhere.  Retail therapy works every time.  Off to the outlet mall and I did manage to pick up a couple of items.

That evening we went to the Foundation Room restaurant located in the Mandalay Bay hotel.  It used to be a private club that was recently opened to the public on Mondays and Thursdays.  The food was good and we had a  nice wine recommendation from the waiter that we really enjoyed.  The downside was the ambiance and decor was very ordinary.  One nice feature was a balcony at the top of Mandalay Bay hosting a magnificent view of the Vegas strip at night. I would recommend going to the lounge for a pre dinner cocktail or a nightcap to take in the view and then take your pick of the many fine other dining options Las Vegas has to offer.

The trough (buffet) dining at the various casinos  is good value, especially if you're not sure what you're in the mood to eat.  Something for everyone's taste  and endless refills if you're a piggy.

For our last evening I booked an outdoor table at the Italian restaurant Bartolotta located in the Wynn Hotel.  We struck a home run with this one.  Fantastic food coupled with a very pretty outdoor setting.  We would definitely return to this one.

Roasted artichokes, porcini mushrooms on a bed of greens with shaved pecorini cheese, lovely.
Seafood stuffed ravioli with a white wine sauce

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese smothered in a pecorino cream sauce.

Outdoor dining cabanas, outstanding!

My favorite view,  my feet at the end of a sun lounger on a nice day.
Mr. Moey is positive that I'm a weather jinx, San Francisco was 80 degrees the day we arrived then settled into the mid sixties for the rest of the weekend.  Las Vegas was 85 degrees until we got there.  The next two days were cold and rainy and much to my dismay I only  managed a couple of days at the pool.  (Pictured above).  When we arrived back in Montreal on Friday it proceeded to rain for the next five days.  It really hasn't stopped since.  All in all it was an enjoyable trip with the exception of the weather. The little bit of color that I got is barely hanging on, a visit to the tanning salon is next on the agenda.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stand by......

we are currently experiencing technical difficulties.  As in very little technology, meaning no Wi-Fi and an alleged "high speed" Internet connection in our hotel room.  Which we have to share, so in other words, these are my stolen five minutes of Internet time because Mr. Moey is the biggest Internet hog on the planet.  I have blog posts lined up but the connection is so lousy it's next to impossible to load the pics.  It duplicates some, while erasing others.  Arrrgghhhh. It will all have to wait until I return home tomorrow.  In the meantime, go Wings go!

Just call me L'il Miss high roller :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The bestest...

and most romantic marriage proposal EVER.

Be still my heart.  *sigh*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sayonara Habbies......

that was a fun (albeit short) ride, can I put another quarter in?  *sigh*   The Habs' season ended much too soon, but on the flip side  I have a life again and summer is right around the corner.  I'm not too terribly disappointed, they certainly were not on a cup run this year, not with our two top D men out for most of the season.  But the future looks bright.  Price, Subban and Pacioretty will only get better.  Our defense will be solid for a few years to come.  With free agency kicking in on July 1st, who should stay and who should go?  I'll put my general manager's hat on and set forth my recommendations.

Defense - Sign Hal Gill for two more years.  The chemistry and mentor ship between him and Subban is priceless.  I would offer Roman Hamrlik a year deal.  He could be paired with Spacek for next year, then the two of them can move on.   Spacek gets a lot of criticism from Habs' nation and granted he is slow.  On the plus side, he is a team guy and there's no doubt in my mind that he does his best and gives one hundred percent.  People also have to keep in mind that he was coming off knee surgery, so that didn't help his cause.  If he plays lesser minutes next year I think he'll be fine. Resign Andre Markov and Josh Gorges  for another three years, they are a solid first D pairing.  I like the Wiz, but his defensive play had lapses and with the (hopeful) return of Markov and PK's laser we no longer need his shot on the powerplay.  He would also be too expensive.  Brent Sopel did what he was hired to do, block shots and be a good team player. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.  Ditto for Paul Mara.

Forwards - Give Pouliot and Kostitsyn their walking papers, replace them with a winger that's consistent and engaged.   Give Gomez a chance for redemption, if he doesn't come through next season, make some hard decisions.  Try to trade him, put him on waivers or in Hamilton. Whatever it takes, the team can't afford to be weighted down for another three years by a non-productive top six center.   Sign Darche for another year.  Alex Auld is not worth another million dollar contract to play twelve games.  But I like the fact that he's comfortable in his role as backup and doesn't appear to be bothered by lack of ice time.   Try to sign him for another year for half of that amount.   David Desharnais and Lars Eller stay as third and forth line centers.  The rest of the pieces are interchangeable in my opinion, perhaps an upgrade on Travis Moen could be in order.

I have no plan B for this years' playoffs, my beloved Sakus' Ducks are keeping company on the golf course with the Penguins.  In the true spirit of sportsmanship, I hope the Flyers knock the Bruins into tomorrow. But after yesterday's 7-3 blowout  I think we may have to lend the Flyers Carey Price.  *gasp*  Hey, it's for a good cause, right?   I don't want the Canucks to win the cup, their fans are so arrogant without having won a thing.  Just imagine what they would be like if they really had bragging rights.  Ugh.  I'll settle for a Tampa Bay/Detroit final.  I feel no ill will towards either team but I think Detroit would come out on the winning side.

Enough about hockey.  Now I can turn this blog into a travel/foodie/adventures of the Moey kind chronicle for the next few months.  Next up - departing this coming Thursday for a nine day vacation to San Francisco and Las Vegas. If my three readers choose to stick around, lovely! :)   If not, see you in September.