Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I left my turkey shopping too late this year and the only ones Metro had (besides $60.00 Butterballs) were of the cook from frozen variety.  I've never cooked one like that before but I'm pleased to say it came out beautifully.  It tasted pretty darn good too!  I'd also like to give thanks that the Habs beat the Jets 5-1 last night but I only caught bits and pieces of it between stuffing my face with above turkey.  The TV was on in the family room and the one thing I kept hearing was "another great save by Price".  I caught the post game segment with Cherry calling Price "the best goaltender in the world right now".  Wow.  Cherry praising a Hab? If there were any doubts about his senility, now it's official.


moeman said...

What were the fixins?!!!

Moey said...

Nothing fancy moe, there were only three of us. I made my Grandma's sausage stuffing, regular mashed spuds (I don't like sweet potatoes) carrot and turnip (mashed) and turkey gravy.

soperman said...

One advantage of living in Nova Scotia, you stop into a farm on the way home from the cottage and pick up a big-ass fresh turkey (recently deceased) for about $20.