Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it too early to panic?

No.  Normally I poo hoo people who start to panic in the early days of a new season.  Watching the Habs squander two points last night pissed me right off.  And by the look of the empty seats at the Bell Center, I'm not alone.   I get no joy watching this team scratch and claw their way into the playoffs come April.  As a matter of fact I'm sick and tired of it.  I realize we have injuries and there's no time frame yet on when Andrei Markov will be making his return to the lineup.  In spite of that, this team CAN play better than the debacle I witnessed last night.

I think that Brian Gionta has not only inherited the "C" from Koivu but also his penchant for taking stupid penalties.  Carey Price has to be on top of his game on any given night to give them a chance to win.  I think he knows this and that's a lot of pressure to be under.  Erik Cole needs a dose of smelling salts.  PK Subban needs a good hard slap because if he keeps playing by himself he'll be sitting by himself eating hot dogs in the press box.

There's not a whole lot to like about this team right now and instead of being ticked off that I 'm busy tomorrow night and won't see the game, I'm looking forward to it.   Pics and restaurant review to come on Sunday.

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