Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly......

A glass of wine & Twitter, what more could a girl want?

After stinking out the joint for most of the pre-season, the Habs finally notch a fairly convincing win against Tampa last night.  I'm taking full credit for this win, I tweeted this to Mike Cammalleri early yesterday morning.  As they say in life, when you want something, just ask for it.

@MCammalleri13 Pass this on, please win the game tonight so I don't have to listen to whining for the next week. Thank you. #nuttyfans

Thank you Cammy, from the bottom of my heart.

And this gem was tweeted by Hal Gill, who much to my delight has finally decided to join the Twitterverse.

FYI. If you wanna talk hockey, go to a rink. #thatsnotmybagbaby

If lady luck is on our side this year, the entire roster will escape unscathed in the season opener against the leafs this coming Thursday and be in top form to play some meaningful hockey in Winnipeg on Sunday. 



moeman said...

Nice new look Moey. Great tag lines.

Moey said...

Thanks moe. New season, new look.

moeman said...

BTW, I almost typed 'Great tan lines'.

Number31 said...

The power of Twitter!

Moey said...


I'll have them for real next month :)

Moey said...


Exactly! BTW loved your post a couple of weeks ago about the heart & guts toughness our boys have. Your post was bang on.