Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not even this is helping........

ease the pain of watching the Habs this season.  I just want the team fixed, no matter what it takes.  I want a competitive consistent team and I don't care who stays and who goes in order to get it.  No favorites, no allegiances, it's all about winning.  Fire the GM, fire the coach, trade whomever.   Just.do.it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Casanova by the sea......

No, I'm not talking about Mr. M, he's still coddling his man cold.  It's the name of the Italian restaurant we dined at last night, my belated birthday celebration.  Located right on the water in Georgetown, the service was superb and the food was delicious.  Here's a sampling of what we feasted on last night.

Tuna sashimi with oriental spices

Veal scallopini with mushrooms in a red wine reduction with cream

Tri-color pasta with mushrooms, truffle oil and cream sauce

Somebody (me) informed them that it was a birthday dinner so after we finished our main course the staff came over, sang Happy Birthday and put a plate of Tiramisu with a dollop of fresh whipped cream in front of me.  They also gave us complimentary shots of Limoncello as a finishing touch.  Very nicely done, we will definitely make a return visit on our next trip.

We arrived in Grand Cayman early Sunday afternoon and it was frigging hot.  There had been inclement weather for the previous ten days before we arrived and the humidity was off the charts.  It reminded me of some of those horribly humid July days in Montreal this summer.  There are only two places to hang out in that kind of heat, either in air-conditioning or submerged in cool water. We've been doing plenty of both.  The humidity levels have dropped off now and there's a welcome breeze on the beach.

Picture perfect seven mile beach, Grand Cayman

On Tuesday night we decided to walk over to the Ritz Carlton to have a couple of cocktails and watch the sunset.  I had a Cayman Sunset, a rum based concoction that went down smoothly while Mr. M. played it safe with a Mojito.  Thankfully we decided not to order another round, when the bill arrived it was $34.00 for two drinks.  Highway robbery but at least the Ritz graciously provided the twenty or so mosquito bites I endured free of charge.  I never have to fear that Mr. M will run off to the tropics without me, I'm the sacrificial piece of meat that keeps him bug free.

Tonight we are headed over to Rum Point via catamaran for a sunset dinner on the beach.  I'm really looking forward to it, we tried to get over there last year but it was canceled at the last minute. The Habs are back on the ice tonight so I will be checking my trusty iPhone for the score.  They're out of sight but never out of mind.   Go Habs!