Monday, December 26, 2011

Moey's must-have Christmas checklist....

Surprise gifts!

A fine bottle of champagne, this was wonderful

A box of your favorite chocolates - Cadbury milk tray is my guilty pleasure

Savory munchies - smoked salmon, smoked oysters with my special marinade

Italian lemon cake

Scents of the season - available at Bath & Bodyworks

A stocking filled with goodies for your favorite furkid(s)

An ornament with your favorite team's logo

A festive manicure - Designer De Better by OPI

And the most important thing of all.........snow


moeman said...

Nice. Special marinade recipe SVP.

Moey said...

My "special marinade" is quick & dirty but very tasty.

Drain oil from oyster tin, put oysters in a small bowl. I don't use exact amounts, just add these ingredients and keep tasting it.

Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice (either is fine) over oysters, throw in some worcestershire sauce, a good sprinkling of garlic powder, a few drops of Tobasco. Mix together and add as necessary according to your taste. Let it sit for a couple of hours at room temp. Serve with melba rounds. Don't use fresh garlic, it's over powering.

There, my dirty little secret is revealed for all to see :)

moeman said...

Merci Moey!

iRiRi said...

Love that polish!

My fave B&BW candle right now is Mint Chocolate. Everytime I light it, it's like there's some After Eight chocolate melting in the room somewhere. Mmmm.

Moey said...


Have to pick that one up. Santa left me a gift card for BBW.