Monday, February 13, 2012

The Hab's week in review, a pictorial.....

Hab's fans around the world give thanks to the Lord for four wins in a row

Moey celebrates...hic
Sone high hurdles to leap over, but they'll get there!
What you'll never see on HNIC

David Desharnais plays big, pictured above with his awesome wingers

Randy Cunnyworth calls a timeout
PJ Stock behind the scenes at HNIC
I wish the gang at L'Antichambre would just shut up already

Donald S. Cherry takes a breather after Coach's Corner
Jaro Spacek returns to the Bell Center, he's running on fumes but I always liked the guy
Ryan White and Ian Schultz get the call from Hamilton

Hot in pursuit of the eighth and final playoff spot

Up next, Boston.  Chara caught on camera during one of his pre-game rituals
Hang in there boys!  Go Habs Go!