Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello? *echoes* Hello?

*switches light on*  Oy, what a mess, cat hair everywhere and some dried up poop in the corner.  *opens window*    While this place airs out, how about a quick look around my garden?

Not sure what this is but I love the brilliant blue color

Summer is almost behind us although the weather is still fantastic.  Hockey "should" be right around the corner but all bets are off on when the season will actually start.  I'm beside myself, that's the one thing that gets me through the winter.  In the meantime, I have a couple of recipes to post this week that are tried and true.  I'm working on getting my blogging mojo back, I had seriously considered packing it in for good but I don't feel that I'm done yet.  To get me back into the habit I've decided to add a weekly feature "Friday favorite" which could be a recipe, a food or beauty product, a movie or anything else that catches my fancy.  

Now I have to get off my lazy backside and get the supper going.  It's pouring rain and I have to go outside to BBQ some lamb chops.  Mr, Moey has so kindly offered to go and fetch the umbrella for me, he's so thoughtful.  I feel blessed.

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