Sunday, March 8, 2009

The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.......

Note to self: do not read hockey blogs or listen to sports radio when the Habs are losing. I’ll give the “fans” a fools' pardon but what really annoys me are the paid blowhards who encourage them; there’s no limit to the endless drivel that you can read and listen to about the Habs. To make it easier for fans who want decent and insightful opinions, these are Moey’s recommendations, and sadly it’s a short list.

• Red Fisher (Montreal Gazette) please read Red’s article in yesterday’s Gazette, finally a voice of reason and you’re right Red, in the grand scheme of things it’s only a game.

• Pat Hickey (Montreal Gazette)

• Mitch Melnick in the afternoon (The team 990)

• Randy Tieman (CTV news, he also fills in on occasion for P.J. Stock on the Team 990, too bad it wasn’t every day).

• Dave Stubbs (Montreal Gazette – good feature articles)

• Stephen Brunt (Globe and Mail, also does a guest spot on Melnick in the afternoon at 4:30 PM)

• Eric Engels (guest blogger, The Other Wing on

My apologies to Pierre McGuire, you almost made the list, but I fear that you too are slowly losing the plot. With the exception of Eric Engels, I'm not listing bloggers. The ones I follow are shown on this page.

I was listening to Dickie Moore on the Team 990 yesterday morning, they were broadcasting live for the Irishman of the year breakfast. He was reminiscing about his years with the Habs and more specifically the years he was coached under Toe Blake. When Blake took over as coach, he first met with all of the players in the dressing room. His first words were “ I can’t coach you guys, you’re already too good”. Toe treated them like they were the greatest and that’s how they played. Dickie went on to say that although they had the talent, winning is all about confidence. One can’t argue with the results, five consecutive Stanley Cups, brilliant coaching tactics. I think that’s what Bob Gainey is trying to convey to his team by standing pat at the trade deadline, his vote of confidence, let’s hope it works.

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