Saturday, March 7, 2009

Call me crazy but......

Habs vs. Thrashers

The only thing that I was concerned about last nights' game was how Carey Price would perform. His first save on the Thrasher's breakaway was crucial, it would make or break him for the rest of the game. I let out a huge sigh of relief when he shut the door, Price was back in the zone. Solid goaltending is the key to getting the boys’ confidence back, you start with that and the rest will follow. I thought the boys put in a pretty decent effort, they had some good scoring chances but couldn’t capitalize on them. C’est la vie and on to Dallas Sunday. I like to watch the game and then listen to Carbo’s post game audio for his take. It usually aligns with mine. I agree that this is a new starting point for the boys. I’ve come to the conclusion that both Carbo and I are nuts and know nothing about hockey and it seems that a large majority of Habs fans including the media know better than we do. Sorry folks, but it ain't the latter, I’m sticking with Carbo.

Just a little add on to drive my point home, my other half isn't a hockey fan so he doesn't care if they win or not. We watched the game together last night and believe me if they weren't playing well for some strange reason (must be a guy thing) he's always more than happy to point that out to me. He thought they played a good game, his word is as good as Carbo's.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about the team's effort. On to Dallas, indeed.

The team seems to be improving from game to game again. It's nice to see.

Particularly if both goalies are in "hot mode". What an intriguing playoff it might be.

Moey said...

Thanks! The cheese doesn't stand alone after all. So there you have it, a total of four great hockey minds; yourself, Carbo, yours truly and my other half.