Friday, May 15, 2009

Moey babble.......

Godspeed Rachel Alexandra (pictured above), be careful in the Preakness sweetie, stay safe. Remember Eight Belles last year in the Derby, she came in second to Big Brown but at a terrible price. God rest her little horsie soul.

Pierre McGuire last night on TSN...talking about Tim Thomas, "when he has his clothes off you wouldn't know he was an athlete". Too much information Pierre, way too much.

So Wings beat the Ducks, damn and what a shame for Jonas Hiller. That was a terrible goal that will probably haunt him for awhile. I was very impressed by him, he never appeared to be rattled or nervous and his positioning was solid. He's one to watch in the future. Even though he's a rookie, I won't compare him to Price, he's six years older and probably wiser. Pricey will get there if people give him a chance.

The Sid / Ovie show was a lot of fun, but my boy Sid ruled the day. Go Sid! Go Pens! One thing that troubles me is how the Pens survived without Gonchar for two games, when we lost Markov we never won another game. Bob needs to address the defense first and foremost, we just can't afford to be that vulnerable.

Boston loses, that totally made my day. The Bruins fans' really thought they had accomplished something after beating our AHL team four straight. They had a false sense of superiority and it came back to bite them. Good times!

It's been awfully quiet in Habsland, not a peep about anything, it must be driving the French press to distraction. Not to worry, they'll just make something up.

Well folks, it's the start of a nice long weekend, I bought my flowers today so I'll be spending some time planting. Mr. Moey wants me to rent some movies, we have a lot to catch up on, all of my weekends have been spent watching hockey. He's feeling a little neglected poor baby.

Have a nice weekend all!

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