Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Earth to Carbo......

Guy Carbonneau has appeared on a couple of talk shows recently and he has repeatedly stated that he has no idea why he was fired. I’m having a hard time getting my head around that. Are we supposed to believe that although Gainey and Carbo were former teammates, work colleagues and personal friends that Bob just summoned him into his office (a la Donald Trump) and said “Guy, you’re fired” without any rhyme or reason. I know Bob is a man of few words, but come on! Are we supposed to believe that Carbonneau didn’t ask why or if he did that Bob refused to give him an explanation? I personally think that Carbonneau was in complete denial, he said himself that he thought the team was turning a corner after that horrendous road trip, did he not realize the only reason was because Halak had stood on his head to steal a few games? I think Carbonneau’s inability or refusal to admit that things were getting completely out of control is what led to his demise. I believe there was a conversation; but it probably fell on deaf ears, Carbo’s butt was firmly planted on the denial bandwagon and judging by these latest interviews it still is.

Any thoughts?

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Dennis said...

Carbonneau probably just doesn't want to face reality. I guess it's a lot easier to say "I have no idea why" than to say yes, the team under me was lousy and I could've done a better job. Your description hits the nail on the head. I've always liked him but some of his line combos, for example, were head scratchers.