Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random musings and bone picking.....

Aw crap, the Caps are one game up on the Pens. Its okay my little Tennessee Tuxedoes, you’ll win the next one.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a patient person, I get easily annoyed at stupidity and this past week has been rife with it. Why can’t some fans (I’ll use the term lightly) and the media give the Habs a frigging break? I’ve been reading various blogs and listening to sports radio stations since the Habs made their early exit in round one against the Bruins. People are talking about the Bruins victory as if the Habs had all men on deck, were totally healthy and were annihilated by the Bruins. What the hell is that all about? Is it just a bad case of selective hearing and vision? We were missing 25 percent of our roster for God’s sake. Barring a miracle or Price standing on his head of course they should have beaten us, duh. Take the Bruins best defenseman, their leading goal scorer and power play specialist out of the lineup and see how well they would have fared.

I was reading some comments made on a Boston blog site “The Big Bad Bruins” before the series began posted by blogger Sheriff25. It was pretty hilarious stuff, well written. This description of Saku Koivu struck me as particularly funny...

Saku Koivu - Class Slasher/Diver

This little fucker gets away with murder. If the ref's don't make him pay the B's will.

I’ve never pegged Saku as a diver or a slasher, my vote goes to Kovy as the dive master. If Saku is notorious for slashing, he has it down to a fine art; I’ve never noticed it and apparently neither have the refs. Oh well, all’s fair in love and war. Very good blog, I’ve added it to my favorites, could be a fun place to hang out next season when we play the Bruins.

Something else that bugged me this week, listening to the Team 990 in the morning, the three stooges were discussing how Bob Gainey’s coaching record was no better than Carbo’s. Correct me if I’m wrong but although the first five games after Bob took over showed no improvement things started coming together and the boys were getting on a roll until they were cut off at the knees by losing Markov & Schneider at the hands of the repulsive Leafs. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gainey behind the bench next season, he clearly demonstrated Carbo’s misuse of players, especially Koivu who should not be killing penalties and with his ice time managed properly was able to crank his game up a notch or two, same with Kovy. I’m full of Kovalove right now; I have a new found respect for him. He has passion, wonderful talent and he is a great mentor for the younger players. If anyone doubted his commitment to the Habs the fact that he was forced to sit for two games which I’m sure was totally humiliating for him but he swallowed his pride and came back better than ever. Let’s contrast that to Plekanec. He hears a rumor that he might be trade bait for Vinny and he mentally collapses? Do we really want need that kind of fragility on this team? Higgins and Gorges were also supposed to be part of the deal but they still managed to give it their all. In Higgins’s case it’s like water off a duck’s back, the poor sod is on the trading block every week if some Habs fans had their way. If Pleks goes I won’t lose any sleep over it, and speaking of sleeping, have the coaching staff considered using smelling salts on him? It's worth a try.

I’ve often wondered if some Habs fans were actually brain dead, now I have the proof. The San Jose Sharks go down in the first round; the general consensus is that Thornton and Marleau are not able to step up their games when it comes to crunch time. So what do I read on some Hab’s blogs? “Maybe we can get Joe Thornton for next season”. You guys are kidding right? Yup, sounds good to me, let’s get rid of proven playoff players Koivu and Kovalev and replace them with Thornton and company. The sheer brilliance of that almost blinds me. Right.

I was watching bits of the Anaheim Detroit series last night…..boy those Ducks are as tough as nails. I was wincing at the thought of them against the Habs in the playoffs, they’d need to rename the Bell Center the Coliseum, it would be like throwing the Christians to the lions. That hit on Hudler would have put our Pleky in traction for a year.

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