Monday, May 18, 2009

You can't teach an old dog new tricks....

Suggested replacements for Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire on TSN. They're easier on the eye and as for the rest...well let's be honest folks, it could only be an improvement.

Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire were doing their dog and pony show between periods yesterday and they had a brief chat with Sidney Crosby. Mike asks the burning question, “Sid, do you have a dark side”? “Like have you ever put a tack on a teacher’s chair or beaten a dog”? Sid being his gracious self just laughs and says “boy Mike, nobody has ever asked me anything like that before, no I haven’t.”

Hey Mikey, that’s some pretty impressive interviewing, I’ll bet not even Barbara Walters would ask something that dopey.

As if my boy Sid would EVER beat a dog. Hey Sid, you have my full permission to beat on Mike Milbury any time. You’d be doing us a public service.

It reminded me of another Milbury moment, a few months back good old Mike was giving his two cents between periods during a Habs game. He goes off on a rant about Alex Kovalev, saying things such as “who would ever want a guy like that on their team, he’s so lazy and selfish”. I was spitting mad, Alex has had his moments but it’s like someone saying something about one of your family members, blood is thicker than water. Milbury is so unprofessional and to add insult to injury the dingbat is getting well paid for his drivel. Maybe it’s just a little jealousy on my part, where do you sign up for a job like that?

The Hawks lose 5-2 to the Wings yesterday afternoon; this is going to be an entertaining battle of experience versus energy.

Pens versus Canes tonight. Season finale of 24. Sigh. Why is life so full of tough decisions?


Dennis said...

I remember that night he went off on Kovalev. I was angry too. Milbury was the colour man for play by play, and that kind of thing just isn't said in this role. Leave that for the studio guys. Even then, the viciousness is rare. And it sure was uncalled for. Kovalev didn't deserved being butchered in front of millions of people. Milbury went down a whole lot of notches for me after that.

Moey said...

The criteria for getting a spot on HNIC or TSN is either you're an ex-player, coach or GM. Intelligence and class don't seem to be a requirement. Pity.