Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call me crazy but......

I'm not a big fan of the Bell Center. To be honest I'd rather watch the games on TV. The players look bigger, the game looks a lot faster and I enjoy hearing a decent play by play. The last game I went to was against Boston at the beginning of February 2009. Trying to get four seats together was a nightmare, we grossly overpaid for the tickets and the worst part was we were so high up we couldn't see the new HD screen. It really sucked and to add insult to injury my friends' young son wanted a souvenir, he took a shine to the striped pajama jersey les boys were wearing that day. Lang went down with his ankle injury, Latendresse with his shoulder and the team started its' downward spiral from that game onwards.

Total cost for the afternoon out was $650.00 that included tickets, parking, cost of horrible striped jersey, drinks and popcorn. You can get much better deals and seats if you're looking for a pair or a single ticket. I'm quite content to sit on my sofa, watch the game on HD and drink a nice bottle of wine for a fraction of the cost. I support the team in other ways, I subscribe to their magazine, I bought a few of Kovalev's DVDs, one to keep and a couple to give as gifts. I don't own a jersey but I have a black t-shirt with a sequined CH logo on the front. I'm sure the jersey wearing purists will be absolutely mortified with that last statement, but hey as much as I like hockey I'm a girl first.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The 2009 Draft

Recap of last night - yawn. The only thing worse than watching the draft would be having to be there. How boring, I would highly recommend it to insomniacs. Not even a big glass of Tuscan Lemonade could make it palatable. Congrats Louie, enjoy Harvard. The highlight of the night was the announcement that Pronger is going to the broad street bullies, the Flyers just got meaner if that's possible. So Bob says we have to be patient, maybe until October. I think I'll go into hockey hibernation until the fall.

P.S. I do have a soft spot for all things Tweety Bird. My brother-in-law works for Warner Brothers out in L.A., so I have a Tweety bowl, a Tweety tea bag holder, a Tweety sweatshirt, Tweety overalls etc., and naturally a stuffed Tweety bird for the bed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gainey tosses a bone........

Music to my ears, Koivu, Kovy, Tanguay, Komo & Schneider are going to be offered contracts and I'm pretty optimistic we can sign them. No mention of my boy Lang. It makes sense to try to keep your top line together, of course that could all change depending on what happens tomorrow night. We need to keep Schneider for the power play, that was obvious to me. I can't wait to see what this team is going to look like for next season.

I'll be sitting outside tomorrow night with my trusty laptop listening to the Team 990 covering the draft and sipping on a new drink I just picked up tonight...Tuscan Lemonade. Another Smirnoff concoction, the description reads "the refreshing taste of Vodka, Limoncello (an Italian lemon liqueur) and a hint of citrus." Sounds and smells great, I might just add a touch of club soda for some fizz.

And just to let you know Bob, don't even think of tossing us a bone or a boiling piece tomorrow night, Mr. Moey won't settle for anything less than a rib steak.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Penguins Stanley Cup party........

Mario Lemieux's humble abode. No wonder Sid is still living there, I had visions of him living in the basement sleeping on the sofa when in reality he probably has the west wing to himself. Not too shabby eh?

That pool float looks a lot like the Stanley Cup.......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beaches cont'd......crickets in Habsland

This is one of my top ten beaches. Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, a very small island but the sand on the beach is like baby powder. There are private villas and hotel rooms to rent. They also have a marina where we docked overnight and had a wonderful meal in the Tradewinds restaurant. There was a rather large yacht parked directly across from us, we were afraid that the crew (or the full service waiters) would mistake us for their dinghy, I kid you not and we weren't exactly on a rowboat. Check out Peter Island on the Internet and let me know what you think.

So Vinnie was at the local Chrysler dealer last night signing autographs. I didn't go, I heard it was at least an hour wait in line. I wouldn't line up for an hour if Prada was giving out freebies and I absolutely love shoes. I really don't give a rats' patootie about Vinnie unless he ends up playing for the Habs one of these days. Word on the street is that he was quite affable and charming. I didn't even bother to go and see Kovy when he was at the local mall last fall. I don't like crowds and I like lining up even less.

Still no news out of Habsland and the lack of news has everyone grasping at straws for something to talk about, especially the sports media. The Team 990 is having a guest matchmaker on at 6:00 tonight, she runs a dating service in Montreal. Desperate times.......good God Bob have mercy on us, make an announcement, even if it's only what you're having for dinner tonight or your plans for the weekend, we'll take it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sid the squid beats Al the octopus at the Joe...

Well, not just Sid, actually Sid was sort of minnow like in this series, Detroit did a superb shutdown job on him. Dopey me managed to doze off when there were three minutes left in the third. I woke up to see them skating with the Cup. Aarrgghhh. On Monday I'll be collecting my winnings, a few bucks and a free breakfast. I wonder what was going through Marian Hossa's head, the big question is does he re-sign with the Wings or is he hoping the Pens make him an offer?

I fully expect to be hearing some Habs related news this coming week. Apparently Alex Tanguay's agent was in touch with Bob Gainey. Bob informed him that he has an "issue" that he has to resolve first. Interesting, I wonder who or what the "issue" is? Kovy? Maybe trying to sign Vinnie? Any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For the love of a horse and the Habs....

This little tale starts off on the first Saturday in May 2006; it is the annual running of the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown races. It was a nice spring day in Montreal, I happened to see the race advertised on morning television and decided to tune in. That was the beginning of my eight month love affair with Barbaro, one that would end on a very sad morning for me on January 29th, 2007. This is a little background from Squidoo.

In 2006, a head-strong and muscular Thoroughbred colt, named Barbaro, would enter the Kentucky Derby undefeated and become one of only six undefeated horses to survive the Derby unbeaten. Winning by the largest margin in 60 years, he raced to the finish on his own will to win, needing no extra urging from his jockey. Barbaro had the promise to become the first Triple Crown winner since 1978.

But his career came to a tragic end two weeks later at the Preakness Stakes. Barbaro survived a life-threatening injury and walked again, but a painful condition called "laminitis" would distress his good legs until he had none to stand on. On Monday morning, January 29, Barbaro's life ended peacefully at New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania, where he had survived his devastating injury for several months and had many promising days.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with the Habs? All in due time. I was so taken with Barbaro and his fight for life I followed his progress every day for eight months via the veterinary website where he was being cared for. It became as routine as brushing my teeth. I ordered a blue plastic bracelet with his name on it, wore it every day and I had a habit of rubbing it somehow thinking it would help him. I can’t explain why I felt this way about a horse I never met, some things just are. I remember the last medical update, reading between the lines I knew it wasn’t good. I lit a candle for him and said a little prayer. The next morning the update was late and I knew the inevitable had happened. I took off the bracelet later that day and knowing there were to be no more updates I really felt lost. I was reading my daily copy of the Gazette at lunchtime and saw the website advertised in the sports section. I checked it out, it was a startup blog and figured why not, I was a Habs fan; this would give me something to read on the Internet, I needed to replace my daily habit. I eventually joined and when expanded the site I decided Barbaro would be my avatar, after all he had brought me to the blogging world. I figured he would be an inspiration to les boys for the 2007/2008 season and he didn’t disappoint. My game night ritual was having my computer set up with Barbaro as the screen saver and lighting a candle. After we went out in the second round against the Flyers, I realized that Barbaro hadn’t finished the second leg of the Triple Crown. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right?

I decided for the Centennial season I needed a horse that was a finisher, so I used Secretariat as my avatar. The 2008/2009 season didn’t get off to a good start, but I kept thinking things would turn around, how could they not with Big Red as my avatar? I think I know what happened, the Habs offended Secretariat. If the brilliant racehorse could talk, I’m pretty sure he would have said this, “For the love of all that is good and holy, if anyone is going to use me as a hockey mascot can they at least have the decency to be a Red Wings fan.”

So for this season, I’m sticking with the horse avatar and screen saver but I’m going with super filly Rachel Alexandra who won the Preakness in May. There’s two main differences, she’s female and she’s still living.

Go Habs, hooves crossed.

R.I.P. Barbaro, thanks for that final ride, you brought me back to something I used to love but had long forgotten, writing.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Penguins on thin ice?

Wow, talk about momentum shifts. This is like a crazy game of ping pong. The Penguins looked like the Habs last night, they looked like they'd forgotten how to play hockey. I've never understood how a team can play great hockey one night and then stink the joint out the next. One thing is for sure, if the goalie is having an off night and Fleury was, it has a dominoe effect. Players tend to give up and when it's a lost cause the goonery begins. I think the Pens will take game 6 but beating Detroit at home in a game 7? Yikes.

So I tried that Pomegranate Martini mix last night, it's quite sweet but it's a nice refreshing summer drink. I also made some open faced blue cheese stuffed burgers on grilled garlic bread. Mr. Moey gave it a two thumbs up and given the fact that he can't boil water, that makes him a very smart man.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hockey, drinks and beaches.....the ongoing saga.

This was my very first Caribbean beach vacation, Paradise Island in Nassau, (Bahamas) way way back in the day. It was also the first time I was on a plane, Quebec Air no less. My cousin and I spent two weeks there in the middle of July. Total cost for a two week package deal including airfare and hotel was $500.00. I was a novice sun tanner, having never been in the tropics I lay out in the sun lily white with baby oil on. Boy did I learn the hard way!

RDS is reporting that Guy Carbonneau met with Bob Gainey last week. According to the article, Guy still has questions that haven't been answered. He goes on to say that he would have understood being fired if they hadn't made the playoffs. C'mon now Guy, at the rate the team was going did you honestly think you would have made it into the playoffs? The team was going down faster than a fat boy that dropped his cake. Here's some advice Guy, have a V8 or a pomegranate martini (see below) and please don't accept any coaching jobs until you've figured out why you lost this one.

A big shout out to Dennis Kane (his blog is listed on the right) for letting me know that Mark Messier is the winner of "The Crying Game".

I just picked up a new pre-mixed drink by Smirnoff called Pomegranate Martini, you just add ice. It smells great, I'll sample it tonight before dinner.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crybabies? I think not......

I'm really fed up of hearing a lot of Habs fans complaining about Sidney Crosby whining, crying etc. These are the same people who would line up to kiss his skates should he ever sign in Montreal. Sidney Crosby is a passionate, brilliant hockey player who gives it his all every night. Because of that, he is constantly being targeted and on the receiving end of a lot of cheap shots, so he complains to the refs, big deal. The only time I recall him being teary-eyed was at the end of game six in last year's Cup final and who could blame him. He was devastated, so was Fleury after letting in the winning goal, I could feel their pain. There's nothing wrong with that, it means they care and winning is everything.

There was nothing wrong with Carey Price crying on television after a string of losses last season. It means he cares for the same reasons as Crosby does.

Who cried more than Wayne Gretzky when he was traded from Edmonton? Does that take away from him as a hockey player?

What about the Rocket during his standing ovation when the forum was closing in 1996. Is there anyone out there who would dare call the Rocket a wuss?

Am I making my point? Good.

I can't believe what a jerk Pierre Peladeau (Quebecor) is. What happens with the Habs or who is hired is none of his business. He was miffed that Bob Gainey didn't consult with him on hiring Jacques Martin. Could you imagine if he owned the team? The thought of that could make ME cry.

The Pens have tied it up 2-2. Game 5 will be huge for Detroit, if Datsyuk is back in the lineup there's a good chance that the Wings could win it. I still think the Penguins can win the Cup, there's no quit in them, a game 7 in overtime would be sublime.

So now I'll go completely off the hockey topic and share this little gem with you.

I am a cat person and I have three of them. If anyone has ever owned a cat you must know that they love routines, what time they eat, play and sleep is extremely important to them and has to be on schedule.

The other day I arrived home early in the afternoon. It was a nice sunny day so I decided to sit outside and do some reading. Around 5:00 P.M. I went inside and upstairs to change. The pride was glued to me like flies on poop expecting to get fed. I told them I was going out for half an hour and would feed them when I got back. I came home 45 minutes later, dished out the food and when I went to put it down in their usual spot there was a big steamy pile of poop waiting for me. It wasn't hard to figure out who the culprit was, he's a twenty three pound Siamese and believe me, these weren't mouse droppings, a small horse would have been proud of them. So I did what any mother would and told him to wait until his Dad got home. Dad arrives about two hours later (of course the "present" was long cleaned up by then) I tell him what happened and he thinks it's absolutely brilliant. As a matter of fact he starts commiserating with the cat. "Oh you poor boy, mom's been neglecting you eh?" Typical men, they all stick together and out of the corner of my eye I'm fairly certain I saw the "boy" giving Dad a paw pump.

I just hope Dad doesn't get any ideas when his dinner runs past 8:00 P.M.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday afternoon musings.....

This is where my love of beaches first began as a little kid, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. We used to go there every summer until I was in my teens.

I've come to the conclusion that Gary Bettman is the Arthur Fonzarelli of hockey. C'mon Gary, just try to say it, take baby steps. I was wwwrroon....(he breaks into a cold sweat). Try it again Gary, it goes like this, I was wrong about Phoenix being a good hockey market. Isn't that easy? Keep trying Gary, once you get it out the first time, it'll get easier. And Gary, I know it's tough but for once in your life just leave your ego at the door and do what's best for hockey. Let Jim buy the Coyotes and move them to Hamilton. Please.

Pens are hanging in there, winning tomorrow night will be crucial. If they lose and have to go back to Detroit 3-1 it's game over. I'm hoping this series goes to a game seven and is decided in overtime, milk it for all it's worth so I can spend less time this summer going through hockey withdrawal. To keep the suffering to a minimum I'll be playing YouTube videos of the Habs, their 1993 cup run, the playoff preview for 2008 when we really thought they had a chance at the cup. I'm just going to erase last season from my memory bank like it never happened, like the old movie "The Lost Weekend". It was just a blip on the radar, an anomaly. The sky is now much bluer in my world.

Monday, June 1, 2009

There's a new coach on the block.....

On the off season and in the spirit of summer, I will post pictures of my first love, beaches. Specifically beaches that I've been fortunate enough to have been on. Today's pick....Fiji.

So we have a new coach and a soon to be new goalie coach. I don't know anything about Jacques Martin so I'll just have to wait and see. One thing for sure, if he's willing to leave a fairly cushy GM position in Florida to come and coach here, he's no slouch, he wants a challenge. Good on him, he's come to the right place. I don't care what kind of system he uses, as long as we win. I was chuckling to myself listening to the press conference this afternoon when Pat Hickey asks Jacques "How do you think you would handle an Alex Kovalev who has a free form style and does his own thing?" Very diplomatic Pat, what you really meant was Alex does whatever the hell he likes, he's not going to change, so good luck with that. If Kovalev does re-sign, this should be interesting (amusing) to watch. At least now with a head coach in place, Bob can get on with filling out the roster. I'm anxious to know what this team will look like for next season. Time to go pour a glass of wine and say some Penguin prayers. It's not looking good.


If anyone has favorite beaches they would like to recommend please leave a comment!