Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chugging along at three and counting...........

I swear our Habs are running on diesel.  Have you ever owned a diesel car or truck?  You put your foot on the gas, it lurches, chugs, spurts and finally gets a good jolt of power.  Once it's warmed up it's a pretty smooth albeit noisy ride but it gets you where you need to go. 

We'll save the high octane premium for the playoffs, when the real race begins.


soperman said...

OOOO Moey!

Your poor diesel. If you run a regular engine cold, it will cost you after a couple of years of abuse. Diesel engines cannot take the abuse at all. They are wonderful engines but you have to warm them up. On the positive side, you can run them on french fry oil.

The Habs need a longer pregame warm up. But I would not reccommend running them on French Fry oil.

Moey said...


No need to worry, Mr. Moey had a diesel, I only drove it on the odd occasion, first you had to wait for it to warm up but it still chugged and splutterd. It was also a nightmare in the winter.

You're right about the warm up, they need something. Every first period is the same, the engines run smoother in the second and start to cruise in the third.