Friday, December 11, 2009

An early Christmas present?

Grab the champagne, put on your party hats!  Word on the street is Andrei Markov is making the trip with the team to Atlanta.  It's not confirmed that he will play, but his return can't be far off.  Woo hoo!

A little bit about last night's game, our boys are still running on diesel fuel.  The first ten minutes were scary before their engines warmed up.  I thought the ice was tilted; we spent so much time in our own end, but the boys picked it up and it was a respectable showing.

 For one other worldly moment I thought Georges Laraque was going to open the scoring.  Wouldn't that have been something?  Seeing Pleks tussling with Malkin was as rare a sight as an ivory billed woodpecker.  Good on him though, he's shedding his self proclaimed "little girl" image one game at a time.

Halfway through the third I was just commenting on how Price hadn't let in his usual softy, remind me never to do that again.  I think I jinxed him.  Other than that, he was great, the score could have been a lot higher.

Too bad about that potential tying goal, but we've gotten away with other things that weren't called, seven men on the ice comes to mind.  I guess it evens out in the end.

On to Atlanta, Spiny will be in his element, he does well in warmer climates.


Number31 said...

Pleky is very protective of his goalie. He doesn't care if it's Malkin. Slash a bit at his goalie and he'll cut you.

Moey said...

It's great to see the guys standing up for each other, what a contrast to last year.