Saturday, December 5, 2009


Wow!  How much fun was that?   I spent the afternoon listening to Mitch Melnick's show, Peter Mahovlich and Steve Shutt were guests in the studio.  Most of the discussion revolved around the four cup runs in the mid seventies, reasons why it would be so difficult now with the cap and free agency to build and maintain a dynasty.  One thing hasn't changed, according to Steve and Pete Habs' fans were every bit as demanding then as they are now.  They remarked on how the crowd would get on their case if they had only scored two or three goals, even though they had won the game.  They both agreed that the high expectations always forced them to bring their A game, it made them better players. 

I loved the ceremony last night, so many memories, so many great players.  Crowd favorites were Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Guy Lafleur and of course the incomparable Rocket.  It was nice to see Gordie Howe there, he had remarked not long ago that even though he and the Rocket were hated rivals during their playing years once they had both retired  he would have liked to put it behind them, he thought they could have eventually become friends. But it was not to be, the Rocket had passed on before he had the chance.

How cool was if for Viggo Mortensen, a life long Hab's fan to introduce his idol, Guy Lafleur?  

The retirement of the jerseys is always emotional and especially O'Byrne giving his jersey to Emile Bouchard, a really special moment for a young player, something he'll never forget.

Carey Price was amazing, he may have had some help from the ghosts of goalies past, I hope he doesn't auction that mask, it's a keeper.

A shout out to Cammie for his hat trick, is he our next Stephane Richer?

I was chuckling when Patrick Roy was being asked on his opinion of the Habs current lackluster play.  He said injuries played a large part, missing Gionta and Hal Gill was hurting the team the most.  No mention of Markov.  But maybe our boy Patty had a point, the team played one of their best games of the year with Gill back in the lineup.  Go figure.

I liked Guy Lafleurs' comments, he hoped the current squad would realize how important the team is to the fans and how much they're loved.   Judging by the 5-1 over Boston, I would say that message was heard loud and clear.


soperman said...

The best comments on the lacklustre play (prior to last Friday night which shall be forever known as "The Great Turning Point") came from Dryden. If you will recall his point was something to the effect that the year (plus) of celebration has not allowed the current team to find their identity. Now that the hub-bub is all over, these guys are free to "take the torch". And, boy, did they take the torch on Friday night.

Go Habs.


Moey said...

You're absolutley right soperman. I missed bits and pieces Friday but I had recorded it. I watched it again last night, Dryden made perfect sense, as always.