Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's a coach to do?

Because Jacques Martin's options are limited and he doesn't have enough bodies to sit repeat offenders, what else would be a suitable punishment for stupid game costing penalties?

Some ideas......

Do the team laundry, by hand 
Mandatory back to back viewings of "The English Patient"
Co-author a vegan cookbook with Georges Laraque
Cruise the bars with Mike Milbury
Share a hot tub with Pierre McGuire

Any other suggestions?  Please leave them in the comments.


bea.habs.fan said...

how about putting them in goal without the pading to see what it's like when they leave their goalie teammates out to dry?
or sit thru several games with Bob Cole mangling everyone's name?
being the only player sent out to answer media questions?
can't really think of anything dire enough that would make them feel as bad as they must feel when they look at their teammates in the eye

Number31 said...

Forced to chauffeur Bertrand Raymond in a Smart car for a week.

Dennis said...

Anything but the hot tub with Pierre. Now I'm going to nightmares for weeks. Thanks, Moey.

Moey said...


If that particular punishment doesn't serve as a deterrent, nothing will.