Tuesday, December 8, 2009

zzzzzzzzz.........Habs 3, Flyers 1

That was a snoozer of a game last night.  There wasn't even your typical Flyers' (we might as well stir up some crap because we're losing) goonery to keep me semi-entertained.  But in the end we won so that'll do me.

I really like Hal Gill.  I like him being interviewed, he strikes me as being a very calming but upbeat influence in the dressing room.  Personality wise he reminds me of Robert Lang, *sob* he just always manages to say the right things.  For example, last night his comments on the Habs' sloppy first period play were "we came off of an emotional night on Friday but we're doing the right things, we'll be fine."  And I believed him and we were.  He needs to keep the "A' on his jersey.

Speaking of Friday night, I managed to watch the whole centennial celebration over the weekend, I had recorded it so I could watch it uninterrupted.  I was quite chuffed when Scotty Bowman was using Marc- Andre Fleury as a measuring stick for Price's development.  I'm so glad he agrees with me, I wonder if he's a closet Moey Musings reader?  So I figure that if Price stays on pace with  Fleury's progress, we make the cup final in 2011 and win it all in 2012.  You read it here first.

One last note before tonight's game, somebody needs to smack Price and tell him that he needs to quit trying to help (hinder) the defense.  It was cute at first, but he's been creating chaos lately and now he's drawing penalties.  Enough already.

On to Ottawa and our dearly departed Kovy.  Go Habs.

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