Thursday, December 31, 2009

This game has 40 minutes.......

I often hear and read comments about people lamenting over the fact that the Habs never play a full sixty minutes of hockey.  I don't think any team does, momentum changes from shift to shift, period to period.  Unless it's a blowout, the swinging back and forth is reflected on the scoreboard.  I can deal with that, only I wish the Habs would do me a favor and reschedule their nap for the second, I'm tired of having heart palpitations in the third.

A 5:00 P.M. start in Sunshine tonight, I'd like the Habs to finish the year off with a win, then go out and paint the town red for New Year's Eve.  They've earned it.

The celebrations will be quiet at Chez Moey's tonight, I'm assembling a seafood feast of escargots en brioche to start, breaded calamari with lemon, scallops wrapped in bacon and lobster tails. Some creme caramel for dessert and to wash it all down a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, my favorite champagne and my middle furkid's namesake.   We may or may not manage to stay up for the crystal ball dropping in Times Square.


Whatever your plans may be, stay safe and don't drink and drive!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Problem child?

The general consensus when Gainey traded Latendresse for Pouliot was one problem child for another.  It's a  bit of a mystery why Pouliot who was drafted fourth overall in 2005 has not been able to find success at the NHL level. 

Talent Analysis (taken from Hockey's Future)

Pouliot is a very talented player who has yet to put it all together at the pro level. An explosive skater with a good handle on the puck and a hard, accurate shot, he has the tools to be a top-line forward in the NHL. Questions about his attitude, commitment to playing defense and consistency have dogged him since turning pro however. If he can master the mental side of the game and learn a more disciplined approach to the game, he could be a top talent. If not, he could find himself playing in Europe.

His father passed away from leukemia in 2004, he was Benoit's biggest supporter and former coach.   I was wondering if that may have had a negative impact on him and the reason why his heart no longer seemed to be in it, but then I read this:
"My father always said I had something in my game I never used," Benoit says. "He said I'd have to put heart in it. He said everything would come all at once when I did that."
Obviously, it's been an issue from day one, but can he find it playing on the Montreal Canadiens?  I liked what I saw last night, he seemed comfortable with his line mates and  he doesn't lack in the skill department.

Benoit's NHL future rests solely in his hands and I'm hoping with teammates like Brian Gionta and Glen Metropolit, who both put Heart in the CH every time they step on the ice, our "tin woodsman" will find his.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Halak still manages to soar like an eagle while surrounded by turkeys............

While the rest of the  Habs were busy doing this during the Leaf's game (Pleky won't part with his lucky pink socks) Jaro was getting ready to roast a few chestnuts.

The crafty Leafs have been using Georges Laraque as a role model, they've determined that the true road to truculence is via Veganism.  While our boys were sleeping off their turkey dinners, the Leafs showed up to play hockey.

Maybe I'm asking for too much, but I'm hoping to see the Habs play something that vaguely resembles a hockey game tonight in Ottawa.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The bestest Christmas present........

My very first NHL jersey!  Voila.....

My sister sent it from L.A., it's the real deal, I can smell the smog and marine layer on it!  I'm sure some of the Habs' purists will be clucking their tongues in disapproval....tough!  The Habs are my team but Saku will always be my favorite player no matter where he ends up.  As an added bonus I plan to wear it to work some day, just for the pure pleasure of pissing off the separatists and believe me there's plenty of them.

I'm telling a little bit of a white lie, the jersey was the second thing on my wish list.  The first thing I asked Santa for was Sheldon Souray dipped in chocolate.  Santa has never failed me in the past, but I suspect while he was trying to fit his rather large rear end into our chimney Mr. Moey snuck outside.  He won't admit to it but I know he found Shelly bound and gagged in the back of Santa's sleigh and set him free.  Well, one good deed deserves another, there was no Catherine Zeta-Jones on rye for Mr. Moey either.  We're even.

I'm sending positive vibes to Markov for his dreaded return to the ACC tonight.  Everything comes in threes, but not this time. Please join me in repeating this chant against the Leafs 13 times:

Darksome powers of the night,
gather round my candle's flame,
send my enemy in shaded flight,
send my enemy away in shame.

It might not be as effective without the dragon's blood but as much as I love my Habs there's no chance in hell I'm venturing out to the mall on boxing day.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings from chez Moey!

Hanging from my fireplace mantel, some of my favorite angel ornaments, seashells from Sanibel, and my beloved Habs of course!

Meowy Christmas from Matisse and Clicquot, it's too bad the flash distorts their eyes, they both have beautiful baby blues....

Tara wishes you Meowy Christmas too, she wasn't about to be left out!

And last but not least, an ecard to all of my internet friends...........please click below.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our very own Bambi.......

Marc-Andre Bergeron was literally picked off the junk pile or possibly rescued from the middle of a frozen pond.  What I love about this guy is his attitude or should I say lack of.  He just looks so happy to be employed and he gives it his all.  No airs or graces, or "I'm all that" and no sense of entitlement.  I know people make fun of MAB's defensive lapses and his uncanny knack for tripping over his own feet, but I find it endearing.  It brings back childhood memories of watching Bambi on an icy pond.  And much like Bambi, it doesn't appear to phase him in the least, he just dusts himself off and gets on with it.  Mind you, watching the dynamic duo of MAB and O'Byrne trying to clear the puck from behind our net is cause for alarm and a few giggles.  I just cover my eyes and hope for the best, which is pretty much how I watch every Habs' game these days.  And I love how he just keeps shooting, even if he misses the net by a country mile he lives by the old adage "if at first you don't succeed try try again."  He's just a dose of pure clean fun and I'm loving it.

Interesting tidbit, MAB is BAM spelled backward :)

Last note:

In my last post I  promised a recap of our mini weekend getaway but due to unforeseen events we had to reschedule for mid January.  Stay tuned, it's coming to a theatre near you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mini getaway, from home and hockey................

I haven't bothered to comment on the last two games, there's not much to add to what's already been said, over and over.  It is what it is, there's no sense in analyzing and hand wringing, we knew the team would struggle mightily without Markov and our scoring won't improve until Gionta is reunited with Gomez.  I have specifically been watching Gomez, he's playing well but let's face it, his various wingers just don't cut it and that's totally beyond his control.  I can't make any judgements until we have a full lineup, and to be fair nor should anyone else. 

Mr. Moey and I are going on a mini getaway this weekend, and to be perfectly honest, I could use a little hockey break right now. 

Christmas shopping and stuffing our faces with food and drink are on the agenda, (which is a lot more fun than hockey these days) and of course a peek in Ogilvy's store windows, they always have the best Christmas display.  I'll give a full recap on Sunday.  Over the years, friends and family have either moved or passed away, so it's time for Mr. Moey and I to make some new Christmas traditions, this will be the start of one of them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's a coach to do?

Because Jacques Martin's options are limited and he doesn't have enough bodies to sit repeat offenders, what else would be a suitable punishment for stupid game costing penalties?

Some ideas......

Do the team laundry, by hand 
Mandatory back to back viewings of "The English Patient"
Co-author a vegan cookbook with Georges Laraque
Cruise the bars with Mike Milbury
Share a hot tub with Pierre McGuire

Any other suggestions?  Please leave them in the comments.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hang in there boys.........

The defense rests between periods in Atlanta

I'm not going to criticize the 4-3 loss to the Thrashers last night.  The fatigue factor is taking it's toll on the boys, too many games this month, injuries and a defense core that sorely needs a rest.  And then there's the ridiculous amount of penalties,  it's catch 22, the more pooped they are the more penalties they take and use whatever energy they have left to kill them.  Then the cycle starts again.

Poor Bergeron, I think he  needs someone to tie his skates properly.  I couldn't stop laughing when he fell on our first powerplay, the puck was nowhere near him.  But bless him, he does have seven goals.

I'm so anxious to see what this team will finally look like when Gionta and Markov are back in the lineup, we've been watching a patchwork version since the beginning of the season. 

Mr. Moey is now watching a couple of periods of hockey with me on Saturday nights, he's starting to get into it and he was damned impressed with Price last night.  He's also a Don Cherry fan, but I won't hold it against him.

In other NHL news, the Leafs beat the Caps 6-3.  I HATE when that happens, I savor every Leaf loss like a fine wine, I felt cheated last night.

Kovy gets a hattie ending a 14 game scoring drought.

The Ducks managed to beat Columbus 3-1, and yes I'm still rooting for them.

Sabres and the Devils are up next, oy vay............

Friday, December 11, 2009

An early Christmas present?

Grab the champagne, put on your party hats!  Word on the street is Andrei Markov is making the trip with the team to Atlanta.  It's not confirmed that he will play, but his return can't be far off.  Woo hoo!

A little bit about last night's game, our boys are still running on diesel fuel.  The first ten minutes were scary before their engines warmed up.  I thought the ice was tilted; we spent so much time in our own end, but the boys picked it up and it was a respectable showing.

 For one other worldly moment I thought Georges Laraque was going to open the scoring.  Wouldn't that have been something?  Seeing Pleks tussling with Malkin was as rare a sight as an ivory billed woodpecker.  Good on him though, he's shedding his self proclaimed "little girl" image one game at a time.

Halfway through the third I was just commenting on how Price hadn't let in his usual softy, remind me never to do that again.  I think I jinxed him.  Other than that, he was great, the score could have been a lot higher.

Too bad about that potential tying goal, but we've gotten away with other things that weren't called, seven men on the ice comes to mind.  I guess it evens out in the end.

On to Atlanta, Spiny will be in his element, he does well in warmer climates.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Go Habs!

A clash between a giant hedgehog and penguins, hmmm....probably hasn't happened before so all bets are off.

Just in case you haven't read it, Red Fisher writes a good piece on Chris Nilan in the Gazette today.  I really hope Chris manages to stay on the straight and narrow this time, he's a good guy.

It really bothers me when I read some people's disparaging comments about Red Fisher and his column, he's in his eighties for God's sake, at the very least show some respect for your elders.  Yes, he's old school, no nonsense and at times unforgiving, but I would give my right blogging arm to have his memories, his first night on the beat was covering the Richard riot.  Imagine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chugging along at three and counting...........

I swear our Habs are running on diesel.  Have you ever owned a diesel car or truck?  You put your foot on the gas, it lurches, chugs, spurts and finally gets a good jolt of power.  Once it's warmed up it's a pretty smooth albeit noisy ride but it gets you where you need to go. 

We'll save the high octane premium for the playoffs, when the real race begins.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

zzzzzzzzz.........Habs 3, Flyers 1

That was a snoozer of a game last night.  There wasn't even your typical Flyers' (we might as well stir up some crap because we're losing) goonery to keep me semi-entertained.  But in the end we won so that'll do me.

I really like Hal Gill.  I like him being interviewed, he strikes me as being a very calming but upbeat influence in the dressing room.  Personality wise he reminds me of Robert Lang, *sob* he just always manages to say the right things.  For example, last night his comments on the Habs' sloppy first period play were "we came off of an emotional night on Friday but we're doing the right things, we'll be fine."  And I believed him and we were.  He needs to keep the "A' on his jersey.

Speaking of Friday night, I managed to watch the whole centennial celebration over the weekend, I had recorded it so I could watch it uninterrupted.  I was quite chuffed when Scotty Bowman was using Marc- Andre Fleury as a measuring stick for Price's development.  I'm so glad he agrees with me, I wonder if he's a closet Moey Musings reader?  So I figure that if Price stays on pace with  Fleury's progress, we make the cup final in 2011 and win it all in 2012.  You read it here first.

One last note before tonight's game, somebody needs to smack Price and tell him that he needs to quit trying to help (hinder) the defense.  It was cute at first, but he's been creating chaos lately and now he's drawing penalties.  Enough already.

On to Ottawa and our dearly departed Kovy.  Go Habs.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny's pumped after the Habs' win over the Bruins Friday night.  He's ready to take on the Flyers, ready to show Pronger who's boss.  Should be a good one.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Wow!  How much fun was that?   I spent the afternoon listening to Mitch Melnick's show, Peter Mahovlich and Steve Shutt were guests in the studio.  Most of the discussion revolved around the four cup runs in the mid seventies, reasons why it would be so difficult now with the cap and free agency to build and maintain a dynasty.  One thing hasn't changed, according to Steve and Pete Habs' fans were every bit as demanding then as they are now.  They remarked on how the crowd would get on their case if they had only scored two or three goals, even though they had won the game.  They both agreed that the high expectations always forced them to bring their A game, it made them better players. 

I loved the ceremony last night, so many memories, so many great players.  Crowd favorites were Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Guy Lafleur and of course the incomparable Rocket.  It was nice to see Gordie Howe there, he had remarked not long ago that even though he and the Rocket were hated rivals during their playing years once they had both retired  he would have liked to put it behind them, he thought they could have eventually become friends. But it was not to be, the Rocket had passed on before he had the chance.

How cool was if for Viggo Mortensen, a life long Hab's fan to introduce his idol, Guy Lafleur?  

The retirement of the jerseys is always emotional and especially O'Byrne giving his jersey to Emile Bouchard, a really special moment for a young player, something he'll never forget.

Carey Price was amazing, he may have had some help from the ghosts of goalies past, I hope he doesn't auction that mask, it's a keeper.

A shout out to Cammie for his hat trick, is he our next Stephane Richer?

I was chuckling when Patrick Roy was being asked on his opinion of the Habs current lackluster play.  He said injuries played a large part, missing Gionta and Hal Gill was hurting the team the most.  No mention of Markov.  But maybe our boy Patty had a point, the team played one of their best games of the year with Gill back in the lineup.  Go figure.

I liked Guy Lafleurs' comments, he hoped the current squad would realize how important the team is to the fans and how much they're loved.   Judging by the 5-1 over Boston, I would say that message was heard loud and clear.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny is sleeping right now, he showed up this morning looking like a hog who'd been dragged  through a hedge backwards.  Oh my.  He needs his beauty sleep and all his energy for tomorrow night's tilt against the Bruins.  He's confdent he can take the bears and I tend to believe him, he's 23 feet taller than Chara.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unforgiveable.....that's what they are

I've put a lot of time and effort into this insightful, thoughtful and astute analysis of last night's game.  THAT WAS BLOODY AWFUL!!!  I mean c'mon guys, if you don't care about embarrassing yourselves at least think of the fans.  Yes, those fans that pay your salaries.  I've come to the conclusion that I would be content if the Habs lost every game this season except for ones between the Leafs and Bruins, at least that would stop the torture at work from rival fans and we would have a shot at the top draft pick.

Let's play make believe for a moment, just humor me if you will, in Moey's world I would trade Gomez to San Jose and get Saku back.  Saku isn't doing well, I'm sure it's a difficult adjustment for him and he misses Montreal.  Gomez hasn't impressed me and there doesn't seem to be enough room for him and his 7 mil to hang out in front of the net.  For less than half that price we could have my beloved captain back and offer Kovy, who's pining in Ottawa a hometown discount.  So the make believe lines would be Gionta/Pleks/Cammie and Kovy/Koivu/Kostitsyn.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Okay, now back to reality.  I hate to say this but I think Pierre McGuire may have a point about pre-game ceremonies.   He says it's a distraction and a momentum shifter, the guys get all pumped up in the dressing room and then it falls flat when they have to stand around for too long before they play.  I honestly can't remember the last time les boys won a game after a jersey retirement or a delay of any kind.  Well if that's the case we're royally screwed on Friday night when Boston comes to town.  The festivities start at 5:45 and the game doesn't start until 8:00.  Eeek, we may as well kiss those two points goodbye now.

One last note for today, I'm really concerned about our new mascot, Spiny Norman.  I haven't seen him since he headed downtown for last night's game.  My inside sources claim they saw him drinking heavily in a shady dive called Porky's bar and Quill.  Not good, indeed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Go Habs!

Okay Spiny, it's time to earn some of your paycheck, the Leafs are our arch enemies, they don't deserve any respect. Beat the living daylights out of them, take no prisoners, show no mercy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Close, but no cigar.......

That was a bitter pill to swallow.  I thought the Habs looked dazed and confused in the first period, I was almost tempted to change the channel.  Whenever that happens, I always remember the famous comeback against the Rangers and decide to stick with it. I'm glad I did, they came out killing dead things in the second.  Price let in his token softies but made the big saves when it counted.  He gets a look in his eyes when Ovie has the puck and is coming in for the kill, "bring it on you SOB, gimme all you got." 

Fifteen seconds left in the game and we take a penalty.  Shit. Price decides to play defense, tries to clear the zone and puts it on  a Caps player's stick, chaos ensues and Mara goes off for high sticking.  Props to Boudreau for pulling the goaltender and they end up tying it. The Habs have to be more disciplined, it's literally pointless to play your guts out to catch up, take the lead  and then end up blowing it in the dying seconds.  The Habs have to smarten up and start finishing, Markov's return is on the horizon and they need all the points they can get to stay in the mix, there's no more room for screwing around.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go you frigging Habs!

I'm sitting here giggling away, on the NHL network they are showing the 1967 Stanley Cup finals between the Habs and the Leafs, it's hard to believe it's been that long since the Leafs have won.   It's fun looking at the groovy hairdos and the fashion in the sixties.  Just previous to that they televised the 1966 final between the Habs and Detroit.  It amazed me how subdued the crowd was when the Habs won it, even the announcer just stated it as a matter of course.  God how I miss those days......  it was their 14th date with Stanley and it had almost become routine.   The best part of it is listening to Danny Gallivan calling the game, I still miss him.

 Meanwhile, I'm looking out the patio doors and watching  a backhoe completely destroy my backyard.  We're getting our foundation jacked up and repaired, you've never seen a mess like it, we have a shell of a swimming pool sitting in the middle of a pile of rubble.  Oy vay............

Friday, November 27, 2009

Habs long range forecast......sunny

I really like what I'm seeing this year with our new Habs.  I thought they would have been blown out of the water by the Pens, but they looked pretty respectable out there.  Jacques Martin used the KISS principle for his game plan (keep it simple stupid) try to keep it at 0-0 for as long as possible and try to catch a break. Simple and pretty effective for the most part, if we had capitalized on a couple of scoring chances the outcome could have been a win or at least a tie. 

I'm getting a sense that this team believes they have a chance of winning regardless of the opponent.  Reminds me a little of the 1980's U.S.A. Olympic team, Jacques Martin must be doing a fine impression of Herb Brooks in the dressing room, whatever Jacques is telling the boys, they're buying into and believing. 

The advantage is having a lot of young players, some of whom are playing their first NHL games.  They're not jaded, seasoned veterans who know their limitations, quite the contrary, when I watch them play I believe anything is possible too.

Last season, when we were booted out of the playoffs in four straight by Boston, one of our players commented that they knew they had no chance against the Bruins.  If that's your belief system, it becomes reality. 

I now know why Bob Gainey cleaned house.  As much as I loved Koivu, Kovy etc.  there's no way they could have been successful under Jacques Martin and especially not with all these injuries.  Koivu just doesn't have the stamina anymore to play punishing minutes, Kovy never seemed to have a sense of urgency and I doubt he ever will.

The early return of Markov is great news, Hammer and Spacek have both been heroic, there's no point in a healthy Markov if the rest of our D is on burnout leave.

We still haven't seen this team play to it's true potential and so far it hasn't been too shabby, exciting times ahead;  the best is yet to come.  I believe, do you?

Last note:  I received an email from Ryan Stotland the other day.  He is a big Habs fan and he's doing a 12,000 km bike ride for charity in South America.  Please click this link if you haven't seen this yet.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go Habs!

The best way I can think of to describe last night's game is a dog's dinner.  That's a common British expression to describe a mess, a bit of this and a bit of that all mixed in together.  Some of the Habs' goals were downright ugly, with the exception of Maxime Lapierre.  I guess having his Siamese twin Gui surgically removed seems to have set Max free to pick up where he left off last season. 

You have to give the Habs full marks for effort and heart, and especially to Pricey, Hammer, Cammy and Pleks.  These four guys are the glue that's holding this group together, if any of them go down we're just plain screwed. 

I'm upset that we don't have a decent roster to face the Pens tonight.  It's no secret that I like the Pens, the main reason is they like to play hockey, there's no stupidity and goonery involved, it's fun to watch.  I feel the same way about the Sens, these two teams are my favorite opponents to watch just for the sheer enjoyment of it.  When all three teams are at the top of their game it's like watching poetry in motion.Tonight, however will be the Habs hanging on for dear life, the best possible outcome being a tie.

So Sid and Geno, be gentle with us and please have some mercy on our poor battered souls.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Go Habs!

So Chicken Tenders has gone to the Wild.  I think that nickname suits him because he was too chicken to put himself in front of the net where he would have been most effective.  Well good luck to him and maybe we have a buried treasure in Puliot.

I leave you with this chuckle, emailed to me by my brother-in-law today, he's living in L.A. but is still a Hab's fan.

David was in his 5th grade class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.
All the typical answers came up - fireman, policeman, salesman, etc.

David was being uncharacteristically quiet and so the teacher asked him about his father. 'My father's an exotic dancer in a gay bar and takes off all his clothes in front of other men.

Sometimes, if the offer's really good, he'll go out to the alley with some guy and make love with him for money.

The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some colouring, and took little David aside to ask him, 'Is that really true about your father?

'No,' said David, 'He plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.'

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Overtime streak runs out......for now.

(Photo courtesy of the Gazette)

Not a bad week for the Habs, they picked up 5 out of a possible 6 points.  The Pleks line was good last night, that may be a keeper, AK 46 is improving with every game.  What's up with big Georges?  He loses a fight in Washington, takes 6 minutes of penalties last night, which could have cost us the game.  Note to George, you're supposed to hit with your body, not your stick or your knee.  I guess Martin doesn't have much choice but to play him, we don't have many players left.  Heroic penalty killing last night, too bad one managed to slip by Price.

 So Gomez is the next casualty of a never ending list, out with a groin injury, the clinic is getting full.  If we lose Pleks or Cammy we're in deep doggie do do.  I was wondering where this team would be if Carbo was still coaching, it doesn't bear thinking about, we'd be sharing gutter space with the Leafs.  Martin isn't flamboyant or exciting but he's steady and managing to get wins in spite of all the injuries and constant line shuffling.

I was annoyed at Bruce Boudreau in the pre game interview last night.  He had called out Ovie after the Habs win Friday, told him he wasn't playing up to his potential.  I thought it took away from our D who managed to shut him down, but I guess Boudreau knows his stuff, the Leafs beat them in a shootout last night.  Maybe Ovie came back to soon from his injury, we'll know soon enough, he gets another shot at us next Saturday.

The Habs look more and more like a team, not a great one, but one that has enough spirit and grit to hang on until Markov returns.  We can't ask for any more than that, and when we finally get to ice a full healthy roster these guys have the character and no quit attitude that will bode well for them in the playoffs.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go Habs! Go Spiny!

After last night's win over the Caps, Spiny is strutting around like his poop doesn't stink,  "yeah baby, I'm all that!"  If the Habs beat the Wings tonight, his head won't fit through the doorway.  Oh well, a small price to pay for success.

WTF???? Habs beat Ovie 3-2......

I must admit I'm feeling a little guilty this morning.  I didn't give the Habs a snowball's chance in hell of beating the Caps last night, fortunately neither did the Caps.  Price was solid again but this time he had lots of help from his D men.  O'Byrne played a good game and props to Spacek and Hammer for playing above and way beyond the call of duty to keep Ovie at bay.  I'm starting to wonder if the injury to Markov was the best thing that could have  happened to this team.   Stepping it up and weathering the storm is building character, everyone has to contribute in order for this team to be successful on any given night, there are no free rides. 

At one point I mentioned to Mr. Moey that the wheels usually start falling off in the third, we hung on until the last three minutes, we're getting better.  Very impressive, winning on the road to a team that rarely loses at home.  One of the best parts about last night is a very pissed off  and frustrated Ovie is playing against the Leafs tonight. 

Can they bring the same effort tonight against the Wings?  Predictions are for gypsies.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny's excited for tonight's game, he loves a challenge.   I think a better idea would be to leave everyone on the bench except Ovie and Price, at least Price won't get screened by Gorge's butt or have fluky bounces off someone's skate.  Give Ovie 20 shots on a shootout, if Price stones him we win.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The man of the hour.......

That certainly wasn't the most exciting game to watch, but I'm glad that I didn't doze off in the third, the Habs saved the best for last.  After Price's performance in Nashville and last night's overtime/shootout win it's becoming clear that he doesn't want to be the reason for the Habs not winning hockey games.  He's starting to look like the racehorse that Bob Gainey is convinced that he is.  If the Habs have a chance in hell of getting into the playoffs, they'll only get there riding on Price's back.  Word on the street is Brian Gionta is out indefinitely with a broken foot.  We just can't seem to catch a break.  Do we see crybaby Sergei make an appearance this week?  AK46, Lats and Laps came out of the ether last night, but I'm not popping the cork on the champagne after one game. 

There were rumors circulating yesterday that the Habs were in talks with the Oilers about acquiring Andrew Cogliano.  I checked out his stats, he's a 22 year old centerman and he's scored 18 goals in each of his last two seasons.   A swap for Lapierre? 

There are no easy games this week for the Habs, Washington on Friday, Detroit on Saturday.  But with our boys you never know, they might crank it up a  notch and surprise.  Apparently George Laraque will be dressed for the Washington game, maybe the plan is to put him  on the first line hoping he knocks Ovechkin into tomorrow.  The Leafs managed to beat Detroit, so it's not mission impossible, but with our luck, highly improbable.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny is one pissed off hedgehog and this could be his last appearance.  He was dragged out of a long hibernation to fight the good fight and he's getting zero support from his teammates.   He's given me an ultimatum, if his quills get blown off in a hurricane tonight, he's out of here on a one way ticket back to Arizona, in business class no less.  Ouch!  This could cost me.  Go you frickin' Habs!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

SWF seeks large vat of tomato juice......

A sneak preview of the Habs' new mantra

Well that was a tad uninspiring, but here's the good news:

  • My cats manged to snooze through the whole game because it wasn't yell worthy.
  • The Twilight New Moon movie is in theaters November 20th.
  • Prime rib was on sale at Metro for $3.99 a pound.
  • I got my snow tires on this week.
  • It's Mr. Moey's birthday this Friday so we'll be eating out, the bad news is I have to pay for it.
  • I watched the Habs beat the Leafs in the 1979 playoffs yesterday (that was the last time these two teams would meet in the playoffs)
  • I watched the Kings beat the Leafs in the 1993 playoffs yesterday.
  • The Leafs lost last night.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Habs!

Look out Preds, Spiny's getting his mojo back one game at a time.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Take a chill pill.......

Ahhhh....that feels much better!

I needed to tell my self that after Tuesdays' game against Calgary.  I was on the ledge, one small push and I would have been over.  Being a Habs fan, sometimes there is a large disconnect between logic and emotion.  I knew full well when Markov was injured in the first game of the season that we were in for a rocky ride but on an emotional level it was becoming very difficult to keep watching them lose games.  Time for a deep breath and to take a step back.  The first twenty games of the season are experimental for every team in the NHL.  Coaches and GM's make notes, they know at this point who and what is working, what holes need to be plugged and who stays and who goes.  Jacques Martin is still experimenting, juggling lines and trying to find combinations that work.  I was all for calling Sergei up from Hamilton to try and get some secondary scoring going on a line with Pleks and his brother, but that's just putting a lot of pressure on a young player, seeing him as a potential Saviour could do more harm than good.  Martin is a good experienced coach so I'll leave those decisions in his capable hands.

Feeling disgruntled about our team, I took a look at my other favorites.  The Ducks are laying enough eggs to supply Denny's and are currently sitting in last place in the Western Conference.  The March of the Penguins has slowed to a crawl, they're struggling with the losses of Gonchar and Malkin, and they have still have Sid the Kid.  It put things into perspective for me, we're not all that bad considering the injuries we have and last night against Phoenix we started looking like a half decent team.  For the love of God, let's pray that Pricey tries one of these good luck rituals this coming New Year.  I've never seen such ridiculously fluky goals in my life.

The Spanish ritual on New Year’s Eve is to eat twelve grapes at midnight; one eaten at each tolling of the midnight bells. The tradition is meant to secure twelve happy months in the coming year. This ritual could be used year round on birthdays to issue in twelve happy months of your “new” year.
The Greeks bake a special cake on New Year’s Day to secure luck for the coming year. Vassilopitta, or St Basil’s cake, is baked with a silver or gold coin inside. Whoever finds the coin in her piece of cake will be especially lucky during the coming year. A twist on this traditional theme is to have a dinner party, make a Vassilopitta, and declare the finder of the coin the luckiest person for the next year.
Now we know what Pleks did with some of that extra cash he got from his raise, he burned his bra and got a sex change.  A lot of fans are chomping at the bit for Gainey to resign him before the end of the season when he's UFA.  I would hold off and assuming we make it into the playoffs, I want to make sure the born again Pleky transformation is complete, historically that's when he does his greatest disappearing act.

Last Saturday Mr. Moey and I were watching the game together and naturally I was lamenting the loss of Markov.  He looks at me and says, "give it a rest Moey, he's not Bobby Orr."  In theory he's right, but as I explained to him he is as important to the Habs as Orr was to Boston.  He's still not convinced, he's not a hockey fan but I think the more games he watches he'll be able to see the difference first hand when Markov returns.  I may make a fan out of him yet, now he asks "how did WE do last night?" 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go Habs!

Spiny Norman is staying put.  What did you honestly expect from a befuddled hedgehog who is used to warm climates; he was in a lovely long hibernation when he got the call to battle.  The poor critter was traumatized and suffering from frost bite when the game was over on Tuesday night.  He'll bask in the desert warmth in Phoenix, get his juices flowing and slowly start to regain his killer instinct.  What chance does a mere coyote have against his monstrous quills?  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We will never forget......


These mist covered mountains

Are a home now for me

But my home is the lowlands

And always will be

Some day you'll return to

Your valleys and your farms

And you'll no longer burn

To be brothers in arm

Through these fields of destruction

Baptism of fire

I've witnessed your suffering

As the battles raged higher

And though they did hurt me so bad

In the fear and alarm

You did not desert me

My brothers in arms

There's so many different worlds

So many different suns

And we have just one world

But we live in different ones

Now the sun's gone to hell

And the moon's riding high

Let me bid you farewell

Every man has to die

But it's written in the starlight

And every line on your palm

We're fools to make war

On our brothers in arms

Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits) please click link below:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Of Hedgehogs and Hamsters..........Go Habs!

Introducing Spiny Norman, the mother of all hedgehogs and the Habs new mascot.

My blogging buddy Number31 has recently acquired a new pet hamster that she named Pleky (the little hammy reminds her of Pleks) she's posted pics on her blog (The Notwithstanding Clause) check it out, he's a real cutie.  It's a funny coincidence that she had a hamster on her mind while mine was on hedgehogs.

I pretty much had exhausted my bank of cute "good luck" kitties so it was time for a new mascot.  I had decided on the African pygmy hedgehog to pay homage to our small but very effective first line.  A big shout out to my friend Soperman for his idea today, he related a story about a character from the brilliant Monty Python crew;  he was a gangster named  Dinsdale Pirhanna and he was afraid of a giant 30 foot 'edge'og named "Spiny Norman". 

Three of us with the same mindset, it's a sign and I think Spiny Norman is more than capable of striking fear in the opposition, don't you?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moey's morning after musings.....

Well that was a waste of a cute cat.  Time for a new mascot, to pay tribute to the "small three" (because they're the only line that's working) I think this little guy is appropriate.

African pygmy hedgehog

As far as last night's game went, the biggest problem we have is no second scoring  line.  As it stands right now, there is no room for error, either by the D or the goalies.  If Sergei continues to behave himself in Hamilton maybe they can reunite him with his brother and Pleks.  If that line can start racking up some points it takes the pressure off of the first line, the D and our goalies.  Even if they let in a couple of softies, if we're scoring enough goals we can still come away with a win.  That has to be Martin's priority right now.  The return of Markov isn't going to save the season and if we stay on the same pace we'll be too far out of a playoff spot for anyone to make a difference.

To put a positive spin on our current state of affairs, take a look at these point totals, at least we're in good company.

Montreal - 16
Boston - 16
Ottawa - 16
Carolina - 7 (eek) I wonder if Carbo will get the coaching call sooner than later?

The "lowly" Islanders have 17 points.

Take a look at the West and you are now entering the Twilight Zone.

Detroit - 17
Chicago - 18
Anaheim - 14

Contrast that to these "bottom feeders"

LA - 22
Colorado - 26
Phoenix - 20

How reflective is it?  I remember a couple of seasons ago the Senators came flying out of the gate with fifteen straight wins only to end up being beaten four straight in round one of the playoffs by Pittsburgh.

It's still way too early to make predictions based on what we've seen so far and it will be interesting to take a look at these same teams at the end of January.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Go Habs!

C'mon boys, make it two in a row!

I'd smother this gorgeous kitten with kisses.......absolutely adorable.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Price flips Beantown the bird......

Carey Price was brilliant last night, he 's a smart boy, he must have read my previous post and took it to heart.  This is the kind of performance that we need from both goaltenders on a consistent basis, the depleted defense corps can only do so much and they run out of gas by the third period.  Price was an arrogant little prick during the shootout and I loved it.  A poster named "Geno" on the FHF site said it best, "Price was Royesque with his swagger."  I just hope this wasn't a one off because he did have an axe to grind with the Bruins after being swept four straight in the playoffs.  There's no doubt about who the starting goaltender will be tomorrow night against Tampa.  If Price can bring that focus and determination on a regular basis, we could do some damage in the East. 

I wonder if Jacques Martin has a taser behind the bench, something jump started AK46, I haven't seen him expend  that much energy since 2008.  Taser away Jacques, you may be on to something.

Poor Bergeron, he's in way over his head, he's hard to watch.  I'll bet all the Breezer bashers are now having second thoughts.  Breezer had a very good outlet pass and his shot from the point wasn't too shabby either.  I wonder why they didn't ask him back instead of signing Bergeron.

McGuire must think our eyes are painted on, all he does is point out the obvious and embarrass himself with his man crushes.  Price and Carle were the (un)lucky objects of his affection last night. I was listening to him on the Team 990 the other day, this was his well-informed savvy insider advice on handling AK46.  Jacques Martin has to show Andre the love. He has to put his arm around him and tell him he loves him and he's there to help him.  Show him the love?  They've already shown him the money, it's time for Andre to start earning his paycheck.  Pierre, take my advice, don't quit your day job and stick to your endless drivel, there's a reason you couldn't make it as a head coach or GM in the NHL.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They're slowly killing me one game at a time.......

What the heck is wrong with the Habs?  Wasn't good luck cat cute enough?  Speaking of cats, mine are starting to freak out during hockey games because I've started yelling at the TV again.  Next I'll have to dig out the old "bang head here" poster that I put away in the spring.  AK46 is driving me nuts, he was in the clear and had a great scoring chance but what does he do? He tries to pass it through traffic.  Aaarrgghh.  The PP is literally pee pee. The PK is driving me to drink.  PK 101, when you have the puck and you have a chance to clear it down the ice, do not and I repeat DO NOT try to pass it to another D man behind our net.

 And then there's Pricey.  Yes, I know it's not his fault, but under the current circumstances with no D much to speak of he can't let in softies.  Maybe it's not fair, but guess what, life isn't fair and it's the only way we're going to win games until our D vastly improves.  So Jacques, figure out who lets in the least amount of softies and play him.  Another thing I hate is playing catch up hockey.  The one bright spot this year is that these guys are capable of coming back when they're down a couple of goals, but it must be exhausting for our top line, since they're the only ones producing.  Kudos to the Pleky line for giving it the good old college try and getting a goal, but that won't happen every night.   Spacek and Hammer are going to be wasted by the time Markov gets back, they ain't no spring chickens. 

Boston tomorrow night, yippee, at least they suck too.  / End rant.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to reality......

We won (barely) against the Leafs on Saturday, so time for a new good luck cat photo. Go Habs!

We arrived home late Sunday evening.  Back to the old grind yesterday, a week just isn't long enough to relax and forget about work.  We're planning to go back next October, but we'll make it for ten days.

On Sunday morning we went for a last dip in the ocean and we met a couple sitting on the beach.  A rare sight; most days we had the beach to ourselves.  We started chatting and they asked where we were from.  The woman then asked if we were fans of the Montreal hockey team.  Kind of unusual, it's not the first question that an American would usually ask.  Mr. Moey pipes up, "oh yeah, she's crazy about them."  It turns out they worked and were involved with the Minnesota North Stars, they are very good friends of Bobby Smith (ex-Hab) and  they know Bob Gainey quite well.  We had a nice chat and they mentioned what a good guy Bob Gainey is. 

We had another hockey encounter at a beach bar a couple of days before, I had my Habs lighter on the bar and the bartender asked if I was a Habs fan then told me he was from Ontario.  I accused asked if he was a Leaf fan and he gave me this look of utter contempt, he hails from Windsor and is a die hard Red Wing supporter.  Meanwhile there was a loopy drunk chick chatting up Mr. Moey, turns out she was a Leaf fan.  Figures. 

Tonight Habs versus Thrashers sans mosquitoes, sigh, the one bright spot about being back. The frigging things feasted on me every night, they were relentless and seemed to actually enjoy the taste of OFF.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll be back...............

Saturday night sunset

Aren't I a good little hockey fan?

Look how clear the water is........

It's tough to say goodbye.......