Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hockey,drinks and favorite things

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

I was checking out the Canadiens web site today and I came accross this,

My Essentials: Alex Kovalev

A place everyone needs to visit:
The Cayman Islands. That’s an absolutely beautiful spot.

That's my boy!!! Mr. Moey and I are already booked to go back in October for my birthday, we loved it.

I was watching the Wings Hawks last night when something struck me. Guy Carbonneau got a lot of criticsm for his apparant lack of communication and emotion with the players. I was watching Mike Babcock last night, he looks like a pretty rigid no-nonsense type of guy. Nobody was getting a pat on the back, period. He strikes me like the kind of guy that if your grade average was 99.9% he'd ask why it wasn't 100%. He doesn't hesitate to critize his players even when things are going well. Scotty Bowman was meaner than a junkyard dog. The Habs players who were under his tenure in the mid to late seventies agree that they were united as a team in their hatred of him. It's what glued them together. So what's it going to be? Group hugs at the bench or a winning team?

Is is just me or is Pierre McGuire's constant ramblings a distraction? I couldn't concentrate on the game, it was like white noise or static in the background; or a mosquito constantly buzzing in your ear. I don't mind if someone is calling the game and his partner throws in his two cents now and then but Pierre never shuts up, he could talk for Canada. It's not necessary and here's a newsflash Pierre; we have eyes too.

The best thing about TSN coverage is the Bacardi Mohito commercials. I got turned on to that drink in Puerto Rico last year. Rum, lime, sugar and mint. Really refreshing, great summer drink. My other new drink discovery was in Grand Cayman, dirty Margarita's...delicious. It's a regular Margarita with olive juice added, it gives it a nice kick.

I'm not sure what I'll post about during the summer, after the playoffs we have the draft then of course the comings and goings with our UFA's before July 1. I think the hockey pickings will be pretty slim after that, how about if I post recipes and maybe pictures of my shoes? Any ideas?

Oh and if you want to leave a comment, please do, as a matter of fact I would welcome it with open arms. I'm starting to wonder if maybe my mindless ramblings are leaving people speechless :)


Dennis said...

I wrote about Pierre MeGuire talking too much once on my blog and people got mad at me.

Moey said...

People used to get mad at me all the time, I've been called everything in the book and told I should stick to my needlepoint, that's why I started my own blog :)

And by the way Dennis, your comments are much appreciated!